Loco Logo   Yes, a logo is a very unusual thing, that you should know for sure.    At first glance it appears simple,  stylized, unique, eye-catching.  It is a stripped down thing, that can be certain too.   But make no mistake, it is a powerfully importa... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Technology Chronology   Let's stop the lightning speed with which technology changes for a minute and talk about where it's has been and where it's going.   In the beginning we all thought it was too much too fast.  But now we can't imagine our lives without email, texting, so... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
The Cloud:  Data on the go.       Cloud data storage is gaining in popularity, but many companies haven't jumped on it.  There are cloud data storage pros and cons.  A recent survey found that almost 90% of companies have no plans for hosted cloud data storage... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
On June 24th, 2010, The Old State hosted our second annual TOS Event. Last year we featured and launched 4 clients with an awesome interactive fashion show. This year we featured and launched 13! We were so pleased with the event and so thankful for all those who attended. There are so many people ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
1.  HTML5 versus Flash.   The bottom line on the subject is video performance. Steve Jobs disdains Flash,  so ever wonder why it doesn't work on iPads or iPhones? However, Flash is widely used for ads and other dynamic content.   In theory, some combination of HTML5 and Ja... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
So for the New Year we launched a new version of our site and an update to our blog. We are excited to get some of our latest work out there and hope to hear some of your thoughts on the new site. Let's see what has changed.   The New Site ~ New Features   · New... ~ 3 COMMENTS ~
I n case you did not know Dallas is getting a truly unique "central park" like upgrade right in the heart of the downtown area. Formally known as Woodall Rodgers Park this 5.2-acre public park being constructed in downtown Dallas, Texas, is truly a unique endeavor. The Old State was chosen over ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
eedless to say I subscribe to a lot of different online newsletters. Considering the fact that I Stumble! more than I should, I inevitably find many sites that I am interested in. Anyway, I got an email newsletter today from I get this every so often, and occasionally check out ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Okay, so it is no secret that the long sickly arms of the recession have affected most every business out there. I personally think many economists are in a state of denial. While I am not willing to drop the "D" word (in public at least), I do find it quite disturbing that, in this day and age, it... ~ 3 COMMENTS ~
o it has been a year since my daughter Ireland was born. Wow time flies! So we decided to have a cajun princess crawfish boil and cook out. Only problem is that we ended up not being able to get any crawfish and it was too cloudy to swim. Oh well we had a blast anyway. Check out the pics and the in... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
The Old State Event was featured in the "Snapped" section of FD Luxe in the May 2009 issue on stands now. The magazine also has a new format that we must say is a nice improvement. Thanks FD Luxe for attending and featuring the event!... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
o I have always wanted to be able to design paper goods and not have worry about silly things like how much it costs, or how long it would take. And now that I am in charge I can! :) No but seriously, our business cards and the invites below we just did, were two of the most fun print pieces I have... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
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