The Old State is proud to announce our new working relationship with Shapiro Diamonds here in Dallas.   Shapiro Diamonds is a loose diamond and jewelry design studio specializing in GIA and EGL certified diamonds. They offer a private, luxury upstairs studio environment with world-class jew... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Last evening I attended a private social gathering at an independent movie theater. This gathering happened to coincide with a special movie premiere the theater was hosting. The problem present was crowd control to separate the two events. The solution was to block off a section of the downstairs ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
"What makes a logo great?"   That's a good question, and I'm not sure that it has just one answer. I think there are several routes you can take to a successful logo.   My college logo instructor once told me "The best logos are the one that make people say, "Hey! That [blank] looks ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
If you're a big fan of Jonathan Adler, and quite frankly anyone with a pulse usually is, you'll be particularly excited with the new Jonathan Adler store at 4525 McKinney in Dallas.  There is design genius on display round every corner...and then some.  At The Old State, we love his brand... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
At The Old State, we believe fine design can extend all the way down to a dining experience.  And let me tell you, at Forty Five Ten on McKinney in Dallas they take it to all new heights.  We had been there a long time ago, but we were pleased to see they have taken it up many notches.&nb... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
By now you know that at The Old State House of Web Design & Development we love all things inspired by fine design.  I suppose that's one of the reasons our wonderful clients include Laura Lee Clark, Jan Showers,  Allan-Knight, Ceylon et Cie, Josie McCarthy and many other top designer... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
    At The Old State House of Web Design and Development, we have seen it happen over and over. Blog regularly and watch your brand climb to the first page in Google generic key word searches in your industry.  There is no other way to put works.  But let's take tha... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Genius Print Ads

~ May/11/2012 By : Steve McElroy ~
As you know, we love genius design....and genius design can shine with very few words.  So let's take a quick tour through a few inspired ones.                                 ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Jennifer Mehditash of  Mehditash Design!!!!!!!!     Wow, we are so excited about the opportunity to work with Jennifer.  There were so many amazing candidates, each brilliantly talented in every way.  And it was a very difficult decision process, as the talent pool ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
    At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, you already know that we love quality, we love design, and we love inspired brands.  But we also love food!  And we've worked with some pretty amazing NorthPark,  TCU, Laura Lee Clark, Allan-Kni... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~

Right on the mark!

~ Apr/22/2012 By : Steve McElroy ~
    At The Old State, we will always enjoy the design process.  And excellent design and branding for your business is vital for your success.  We've designed a million logos, for example, and collateral materials like letterhead and business cards must put your very best foot... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Great design is, of course, ultimately timeless design.  And today we celebrate that category of product or thing that rises to head-of-class status.  Hermes packaging of any shape or size or purpose is always genius.  And we're rather certain it's the least thrown away packaging in ... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
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