We work hard at The Old State. But even designers and developers need some down time every now and then. That's why last Friday we decided to take a trip out to our super-secret fishing hole. Unfortunately, when we got to our super-secret fishing hole, there were already about 50 people fishing the... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Thanks For Noticing

~ Apr/02/2008 By : Curtis Hale ~
Web design is not always the most glamorous of jobs. The number of hours and the amount of sweat and blood that go into designing and building a web site is nearly unbearable at times. So when someone sees your work and says "Hey, you're doing a good job," it feels pretty it was w... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
I am proud to introduce you to the newest member of The Old State team...Gabe Macias. Gabe will be performing a couple of roles here, the main one being that of designer. I've posted some of his work below to give you an idea of just how talented this guy is. We are extremely excited to have him he... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Oince this is my first post on The Old State's blog, I feel like I need to do somewhat of an introduction of myself and my role here. Normally, when people ask what I do for a living I reply "I'm a graphic designer" or "I do web design." I realize that, while this is a true statement, it is also ve... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
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