We decided to throw a party to celebrate a wonderful year at The Old State. The result was absolutely stunning thanks to many wonderful people who donated their time and resources. We wanted to raise some money for a good cause, so we partnered with the Goss-Michael Foundation who, among other arts... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
The Old State team visited the Austin Game Developers Conference this past week. We are about to launch the BETA version of a site 8 months in the making. One of our favorite clients let us drop in on them for a couple of days as they debuted their new system. We love video games at The Old State! ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Jeromy Leavelle founder of the Woly Board Company is truly one of our favorite people on the planet earth. Yes that is right, the entire planet. When he actually finds time to meet with us to discuss one of the many projects we are handling for him, between his trips to Belize, and week long wake b... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Our good friends at OneFastBuffalo, specifically Ben Jenkins just opened up a new restaurant concept in downtown Dallas called Cowboy Chow. OFB not only handled the branding, but Ben also has ownership in the concept....We had a belt bustin' good time. Along with Partner and Restaurateur Jason Paso... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Ireland Madison McElroy was born May 19th at 4:28pm. She was 7 pounds 11 ounces and  19.5 inches. Ireland is our first child and she is absolutely beautiful. My wife Stephanie is doing great and almost up to full speed again. So far Ireland is sleeping about 6 hours a night! We are very lucky there... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Most of you do not know that we here at Old State (especially Curt and I) are bonafide movie fanatics(like most nerds). We have a vast movie library, many of which we have memorized. We have even started working on our script, and I mean just started, Due to release in 2015. :) We love and watch mo... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
It has been three years and countless hours logged on my PowerBook G4. It has been sluggish, to say the least, for the last year or so. I have been in the market for a new machine for a while now, but I knew that the MacBook was next in line for an update, so I waited. I visited Mac Rumors everyday... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
k here I go, it is my first "real" post and I am already venting. Well I take that back, I am not venting, but it may sound like it a bit. When I started building websites, there really wasn't a lot of people wanted high priced sites anymore. In fact, when I started building sites it was in 1998 an... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
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