You now know that we love quality in design, fine art, new tech gadgets, and anything and everything that's unique or unexpected.   But wow, we never thought we'd find it all in one place!  And that would be V-Spa at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas.  The hotel is located at 2201 S... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
At The Old State, we have all long revered the remarkable Steve Jobs and his amazing accomplishments.  He created the most valuable corporation in the world, many thousands of jobs, the most stunning technological devices, gadgets and developments  the world has ever known.  He... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
Is there a more beautiful and interesting sculpture museum in all the world than the Nasher Sculpture Center?  No, there's not.  The Nasher wins this prize, and they win it hands down.  And if you haven't been there?  Don't walk, RUN to experience it for yourself!  In a... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
We are so proud to have been chosen to launch Michelle Nussbaumer's new site for her Ceylon et Cie. Make sure not to miss it.  We wanted to showcase a site that was worthy of her amazing showroom on Dragon Street in Dallas.  And quite frankly, we feel like the new site does justice to her... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Wow, we attended the most amazing party last night in NorthPark Center at Gregory's Shoes, located just outside Neiman Marcus.   Our friends and clients Larry, Leslie, Gregg, Jon and Monique of Gregory's presented the infinitely talented Erykah Badu, but in the role of DJ at this p... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
OK,  by now you know we love fine design.   And you also know we have celebrated some of the best of it.   But now you need to know that nowhere have we seen such an exquisite display of modern design than at  Smink, Inc. on Dragon Street in Dallas.    Wh... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
If you're like us, you'd much rather hear good news regarding the economy about now.  And with the Internet as a tool, the cup is not just half full, it can be spilling over the edges!   By implementing well-thought-out strategies,  trust us when we tell you that you stil... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
The people who said that things are bigger in Texas were only partly right.  Because they're also better!  And nowhere is this on more brilliant display than in legendary Highland Park Village at the new Marquee Grill!  WOW!!  We met our  friend and partner Jim Kastlema... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
Watch this beautiful video of a group of people who save this giant whale which was stuck in a fishing net.  At about the 6:40 mark on the video,  she gives them an amazing show of happiness and thanks!   Spectacular!! ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we are in a unique position to come into contact with some amazing people in a multitude of industries. And we get excited about quality work and professionalism. And there's a standout we must share with you....and that's Advanced Facial Plas... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
1. The Bugatti Type 57S Atalante number 57502 French sports coupe built in 1937 is a rare breed indeed. 2.  A 250 Testa Rossa from 1957 sold for $12,100,000 in 2009!! 3.  A Ferrari 250 GTO that Ferrari made for racing in the early 60s.   4.  An incredibly rare 193... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we love surprises, particularly when it relates to brilliant design and art.  And nowhere are the powers of the human imagination on more stunning display than up and down Dragon Street in Dallas. Don't walk, RUN to this mecca of one part... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
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