At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we love rare quality masterpieces.  And what could be more rare than the world's most valuable...and we might add!?  The last time it was auctioned, in 1999, it went for a cool $11 million.  It's worth much m... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Heather Wiese Alexander, a successful graphic designer and art director, is the founder and owner of Nest Dallas at 4524 McKinney Avenue and Bell'Invito at 1403 Dragon Street in Dallas, Texas.  To simply say that she's a design taste maker extraordinaire would be an understatement on steroids.... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
OK, by now you know that when we're excited about something,  we are inclined to use the word "wow" a time or two.  Well, Jim Kastleman of PaperCity was nice enough to help me, at the last minute, secure a room for my great childhood friend Cathy Lauve of Abilene, Texas at the Warwick Mel... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
If The Old State's Travis McElroy or Gabe Macias found themselves sinking in a sea of mediocrity or boredom at a party, they'd make a beeline for Jan Shower's social life raft.  I mean, I aspire for these guys to talk about me behind my back the way they talk about Jan Showers.  Quite sim... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
OK, the last time we saw so many beautiful sparklers in one place, it was the 4th of July!  I mean, there are fine jewelers,  and then there is William Noble Rare Jewels in Highland Park Village.  Wow!  In a league of their own, the William Noble Rare Jewels showroom has played ... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
At The Old State, we love design, we love architecture, we love to see things which were created from passion and through the sheer force of the imagination.  You know that feeling you get when you see something and you immediately get the sense that some brilliant human being, or many of th... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
Let's get one thing out of the way first.   Jan Kennedy of Clotheshorse Anonymous at 11661 Preston Road in Dallas is endlessly entertaining and hilarious.  We love her here at The Old State.  Be on the phone with Jan for 2 minutes and be prepared to suddenly be in a good mood no matt... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Allan Knight and Associates is a trade showroom based in Dallas and, quite frankly, it's a showstopper.  Wow, wow, and wow.  Within these walls the creative process and magnificent design are bursting at the seams.  At The Old State, we appreciate fine design, innovative thinking, th... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~

~ Apr/06/2011 By : Steve McElroy ~
There are shopping experiences, and then there are shopping EXPERIENCES!  And no place on planet earth is finer than NorthPark Center in Dallas.  We're honored to be building their new website, of which the new redesign will launch this year.  And like NorthPa... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Yes, PaperCity Magazine is everyone's favorite guilty pleasure.  Only don't feel guilty,  because PaperCity is amazing!!  And yes, everyone becomes excited and gets a rush when a new issue appears on stands as they enter Starbuck's at the West Village, the Galleria,  a Whole Foo... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Every once in awhile in life you meet a person who is both profoundly interesting AND profoundly talented. And one of those at the top our list is Michelle Nussbaumer at the interior design firm  Ceylon et Cie. First of all, Michelle is one of the most entertaining people to work with that you... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
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