Great Design is Timeless!!

~ Jan/24/2012 By : Steve McElroy ~
At The Old State, we love great design...particularly when there's history involved.  And of course great design is timeless.  So take a look at this amazing mansion built in 1912 in Yonkers, New York that has been abandoned for years.  Even empty, it's a stunner. 
Set on 22 acres, it has been purchased by a group that restores landmark real estate.  And this beauty is called Alder Manor and was built by William Boyce Thompson, an extremely successful copper magnate in New York City.  A weekend place.  Wow!  But take a look at the incredible detail in the ceilings, the woodwork, the marble.  It's a showplace, and it reminds us around every corner of how great design is in fact GREAT design for the long haul.
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