By now you know that at The Old State House of Web Design & Development we love all things inspired by fine design.  I suppose that's one of the reasons our wonderful clients include Laura Lee Clark, Jan Showers,  Allan-Knight, Ceylon et Cie, Josie McCarthy and many other top designer... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we love rare quality masterpieces.  And what could be more rare than the world's most valuable...and we might add!?  The last time it was auctioned, in 1999, it went for a cool $11 million.  It's worth much m... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
It was about two years ago when I crossed paths with this artist. I met him while I was interning for the Tribeca Film Center at the time and spent a week during the summer setting up an event called The Creators Series. It was an exhibition showcasing interactive installations, fine arts, films an... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
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