OK, the last time we saw so many beautiful sparklers in one place, it was the 4th of July!  I mean, there are fine jewelers,  and then there is William Noble Rare Jewels in Highland Park Village.  Wow!  In a league of their own, the William Noble Rare Jewels showroom has played ... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
There are shopping experiences, and then there are shopping EXPERIENCES!  And no place on planet earth is finer than NorthPark Center in Dallas.  We're honored to be building their new website, of which the new redesign will launch this year.  And like NorthPa... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Yes, PaperCity Magazine is everyone's favorite guilty pleasure.  Only don't feel guilty,  because PaperCity is amazing!!  And yes, everyone becomes excited and gets a rush when a new issue appears on stands as they enter Starbuck's at the West Village, the Galleria,  a Whole Foo... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
We are proud to announce the launch of the new TCU Maps website. We worked with Texas Christian University to develop a new interactive map utilizing the Google Map API. We worked with the TCU Chancellor’s office and Online department to plan, design and build the maps site to roll out wit... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
We emphasize to our clients the importance of blogging to keep their content fresh. And it really is! But we're guilty as charged...finding time to blog with our busy schedules is not always an easy task. But as a wise man once told me, my life isn't difficult and it's not like I'm busy building ho... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Badass Blog

~ Mar/02/2010 By : Curtis Hale ~
If you ever find yourself bored on a Friday head over to one of my favorite blogs on the web: Badass Of The Week. Every week there is a new post about a historical person who has done something worthy of the moniker "Badass". The writing is absolutely hilarious and the stories are genuinely interes... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
We are proud to announce the launch of Centres new website Centre is a retail shop located at Mockingbird Station here in Dallas. Their store showcases the latest in funky fashion and sneakers, so the site had to reflect their bold style and respect for high design.   I... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Well, it's official. Woodall Rodgers Park Project has chosen The Old State House of Design and Development to plan, design and develop a new website for the park. The Old State beat out a number of other web development firms based on our expertise in designing and developing large-scale e-commerce... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
The Old State team visited the Austin Game Developers Conference this past week. We are about to launch the BETA version of a site 8 months in the making. One of our favorite clients let us drop in on them for a couple of days as they debuted their new system. We love video games at The Old State! ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Thanks For Noticing

~ Apr/02/2008 By : Curtis Hale ~
Web design is not always the most glamorous of jobs. The number of hours and the amount of sweat and blood that go into designing and building a web site is nearly unbearable at times. So when someone sees your work and says "Hey, you're doing a good job," it feels pretty it was w... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
k here I go, it is my first "real" post and I am already venting. Well I take that back, I am not venting, but it may sound like it a bit. When I started building websites, there really wasn't a lot of people wanted high priced sites anymore. In fact, when I started building sites it was in 1998 an... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
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