"What makes a logo great?"   That's a good question, and I'm not sure that it has just one answer. I think there are several routes you can take to a successful logo.   My college logo instructor once told me "The best logos are the one that make people say, "Hey! That [blank] looks ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

TOS Fair Day 2011

~ Oct/25/2011 By : Curtis Hale ~
I love so many things about the fall...the change of weather and relief of cooler temperatures, college football, the World Series (especially this year; GO RANGERS!), hooded sweatshirts, Halloween...   One of my absolute favorite things about the fall, though, is that it means it's time f... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Tech-xas   They always say that Dallas is the #1 city for business, and they're right.  But there is something else about Texas in general that's true...and that is it's an epicenter of everything new and exciting going on in technology and design.  Wow, we have been fortun... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
New Year's Evolutions   Oh what a remarkable year it has been.   Measures you can implement online to improve your business have never been more exciting or effective.  Our clients are seeing immediate and measurable results in the process.  There are also many new &nb... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Design Shine   As you can tell from our web site,  we're fanatics about design.   For us, it's so important.  It's like you know how a beautiful dress needs an awesome pair of shoes?  And an amazing suit needs an outstanding tie?  Or a fine shirt looks so muc... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
One of my favorite apps on my iPhone right now is the Hipstamatic camera. It takes digital photos that replicate the feel of an old-school analog camera, so your photos come out grainy, blurry and faded...but in a good way! It's even got different lenses, flashes and film that you can swap out. Nif... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
erhaps one of the most challenging aspects of design is typography. It takes a special touch to get all those little letters to look right together. One of the best at doing so is Jessica Hische. She has the uncanny ability to take letterforms, twist them to her will and command them to do her bi... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
Sometimes when you're trying to sell something as awesome as mobile homes, it's best to just be honest and be yourself. Cullman Liquidators got it right and their low-budget tv commercial is a huge viral marketing success. In 6 months, the commercial has been viewed over 1.5 million times. Just goe... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
I flew out to NYC this weekend to visit my good friend Jeff Rogers (who is an amazing illustrator and designer and will have a few items in our General Store shortly). Jeff works for Spotco and designs posters for Broadway shows. He hooked us up with some free tickets to opening night of A Behandin... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Badass Blog

~ Mar/02/2010 By : Curtis Hale ~
If you ever find yourself bored on a Friday head over to one of my favorite blogs on the web: Badass Of The Week. Every week there is a new post about a historical person who has done something worthy of the moniker "Badass". The writing is absolutely hilarious and the stories are genuinely interes... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
A while back, I wrote about Saul Bass, one of my all-time favorite designers and a real inspiration to me. I'd like to continue on that path and write about another of my design heroes: Milton Glaser.   The scope and diversity of this man's work astounds me. He's done everything from poster ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

TOS Video Interview

~ Jan/21/2010 By : Curtis Hale ~
The folks at were kind enough to recently feature The Old State's redesigned website. You can check out the review here. We also had the pleasure of sitting down with Gene Crawford for an interview via Skype. We talked about the redesign and some of the background behind our bra... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
Travis and I recently had the pleasure of seeing one of our favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, live at the Granada Theater in Dallas. The place was packed tight with screaming Avett fans and the band put on an unbelievable show! I recommend that you see these guys if you get a chance!   ... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
I am a sucker for a good screen print. Over the years, I've acquired a pretty extensive collection of gig posters from some of my favorite designers out there. I was even lucky enough to have one of these extremely talented individuals (Dirk Fowler of F2 Design) as a teacher in college. Below ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
I love live music! And I love to support local bands. A couple of weeks ago I went to a little show down in Deep Ellum that the Dallas Observer puts on every week at a place called SPACE. The show is called DC9 in SPACE and it features a different local artist or band every Wednesday night. They pl... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the ICA in Boston...a fantastic experience. The ICA is housed in an absolutely beautiful building on the Boston waterfront. They have a great permanent collection, but the reason I was there was to see Fairey's exhibit.... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Evolution of a Logo

~ Jun/17/2009 By : Curtis Hale ~
I want to just quickly take you through my process on my latest logo design for, an online community for wakeboarders. On this particular project, I started out with some inspiration...the old International Harvester logo, in which an "i" and an "h" are combined into a form resembling a m... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
We are proud to announce the launch of Centres new website Centre is a retail shop located at Mockingbird Station here in Dallas. Their store showcases the latest in funky fashion and sneakers, so the site had to reflect their bold style and respect for high design.   I... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Saul Kicks Bass

~ Jun/05/2009 By : Curtis Hale ~
I thought it might be nice to write a series of blogs about the designers that have inspired and influenced me the most, with the hope that they might do the same for you. I have to start with Saul Bass. His groundbreaking work in the film industry was some of the first I saw that really sparked a... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Have your last 5 web designs all been lime green? Are all of your logos blue? If you're like me, sometimes you get stuck in a rut when it comes to developing color schemes for your designs. When I need help getting unstuck, I usually turn to a nice online tool called kuler. You can use their arse... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Well, it's official! The Old State has moved into our new home and, to be honest, we're pretty proud of it. What was once a shotgun-style shell of a 1939 general store has become our new cozy workplace.   Our blend of historical and contemporary style has been chosen as the Arhitecture &am... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Have you ever been to a website that's so "creative" that you have no idea where to go or what to do? I definitely have; I've also created a few sites that I'm sure have confounded and befuddled many a user. Most designers are artists at heart. As artists, we have a tendency to try to create thing... ~ 1 COMMENTS ~
The Old State (along with friends and family)recently had the opportunity to visit with some great friends and potential clients in Florida. Our good friend Anne Hunter, who is putting together a very impressive art gallery featuring some of the country's most talented artists, hooked us up with a ... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Recently, I grew out my mustache. I don't really know why. Maybe I felt that a man can never really know himself until he grows some serious facial hair. Or maybe I just felt like it. I learned a few things from my time with a furry upper lip, and I'd like to share them with you. A strong mustach... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
We work hard at The Old State. But even designers and developers need some down time every now and then. That's why last Friday we decided to take a trip out to our super-secret fishing hole. Unfortunately, when we got to our super-secret fishing hole, there were already about 50 people fishing the... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~

Thanks For Noticing

~ Apr/02/2008 By : Curtis Hale ~
Web design is not always the most glamorous of jobs. The number of hours and the amount of sweat and blood that go into designing and building a web site is nearly unbearable at times. So when someone sees your work and says "Hey, you're doing a good job," it feels pretty it was w... ~ 2 COMMENTS ~
I am proud to introduce you to the newest member of The Old State team...Gabe Macias. Gabe will be performing a couple of roles here, the main one being that of designer. I've posted some of his work below to give you an idea of just how talented this guy is. We are extremely excited to have him he... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
Oince this is my first post on The Old State's blog, I feel like I need to do somewhat of an introduction of myself and my role here. Normally, when people ask what I do for a living I reply "I'm a graphic designer" or "I do web design." I realize that, while this is a true statement, it is also ve... ~ 0 COMMENTS ~
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