“Take control of your domain with Governor.”


Let's face it, you're a business owner, not a web developer. You need your website content to stay relevant and current, but you shouldn't have to go to night school to learn CSS and HTML just to make that happen. With Governor, there's no need. If you can type an email and attach a file, you can control the content on a site managed by really is that easy. Most Content Management systems are designed to be used by someone who is familiar with web development, and require at least some knowledge of CSS or HTML or PHP. Governor approaches Content Management from a different angle: it's easy to use by even the most novice users while retaining the power to manage almost every aspect of any website.


With Governor, your content is safe. All Governor installs include SSL security encryption, so your information remains as safe as any online bank.


The real value of Governor is the fact that it is completely customized for your website. Whether you have a simple eCommerce site, or an expansive social network, we can tailor Governor to fit your needs. When combined with our full suite of products (Shoppe, HearYe, Claim, and Scribe), Governor provides a complete Content Management solution for even the most complex web system. 

Take control of your domain with Governor.

The state of your brand is our business

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