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Kristin Gray
Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation
I am the Director of Development for the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. As such I am responsible for all of the fundraising, marketing and communication efforts for The Park. I have worked closely with The Old State since April of this year when we engaged them to create our website. We choose them over four other agencies for a variety of reasons, such as their expertise, great attitudes, enthusiasm and value. Now having worked with them for over 6 months I can say we went with the right team. They have been easy to work with, quick to respond, and ready to help with smiles on their faces. The site that they built for us is beautiful (we went live today) and easy to use - both for the end user as well as for my team as we input and update copy and images on the back end. Travis, Gabe, Jencey, Yen and the rest of The Old State team are a delight to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with them as we expand our website's functionality.

Kristin Gray
Jeromy Leavelle
Owner: iWake & Skate, Wake, Snow
I knew when it was time to take my business to the web it was critical that it be done right. There are no points for second place. In my industry the competition is fierce and customers are few and I didn’t want to depend on the hope they would understand all of the products are the same but web experience was second rate.
When I met with the team at The Old State from the very beginning they assured me that all of my wants desires and concerns would be met. Through the whole design process they listened to every “nit picky” change I wanted and delivered a product that is nothing short of the best.
Maybe anyone can design a good looking site but you will find that there is so much more to it than what people actually see.
The management and fluidity of a site is absolutely critical. Their web management tool is very simple and user friendly and allows you to make your site look the way you want it to. It permits you to put your fingerprints on it so it really becomes something you own. You get to update, you get to change and most of all you get to pick what the people see. Service, Service, Service!!! I am beginning to wonder if these guys ever sleep. I have called them at all hours and they were there. Any changes I needed were handled quickly and most of all they didn’t make me feel like it bothersome to help me through one of the most important business processes I have gone through to date.
In short if you dream it they can make it happen.
Heather Wiese-Alexander
Bell Invito Letterpress
Eric devlin
Owner: Premier Transportation
Philip Sterling
Owner: Centre
Pat Snuffer
Owner: Snuffer’s Restaurant
As so often happens in the restaurant business an operator concentrates more on the day to day basics of good food and service to generate sales, relying on word of mouth, as well as conventional advertising, to generate sales. Often overlooked is the tremendous advantage a professionally designed and engineered web site offers.

Snuffer's twelve year old web site no longer adequately represented our growing company's message. It was time for a complete overhaul. It was extremely important to entrust a locally accessible web design firm with the task of completely re-designing our site. We needed the one on one contact of numerous design meetings as the new pages took shape.

We needed a group that was always willing to meet and discuss, often on short notice, every small detail and change during the design process. We needed a group with absolute attention to detail. We needed a group with innovative imaginations. We had no idea where to find this group. Fortunately they found us. After just one meeting we turned our new site over to the guys at The Old State. Their enthusiasm and imaginative ideas made the re-design process enjoyable. Their immediate response to our many changes was always much appreciated. The crew at The Old State created a site to which we can now be proud to direct customers. Just three months ago I had no idea where to turn for complete web services; now I wouldn't turn anywhere else. We've gotten many compliments on our site. We pass all those great comments on to the team responsible: The Old State.

Thanks, guys , Pat Snuffer
Derek Weaver
Owner: DerekWeaver.com & Golf-Lift.com
I found out about The Old State from a referral and thought I had better return the favor for someone else to hear. At the time we met our company was struggling with the task of improving our online sales and search engine rankings. We seemed to had hit a barrier that we couldn't improve upon without some professional help and we are very grateful that we heard about The Old State.
Since we signed on, The Old State has recreated our website without sacrificing our online image and created a totally new way for the buyer to shop complete with freight calculations. Now we have a true e-commerce environment that has simultaneously improved our traffic and rankings. Exactly what we needed to happen to stay competitive in our industry. Thanks for delivering and always being available when needed.
Jennifer Brehm
President-The Dallas Society of Visual Communications
As anyone in a non-profit organization can tell you... finding someone to program your website is no easy task. When our Student Show and Conference went to a national level, the small click through website we had in the past was no longer up to par. We had grand visions for our new site - and no way to make them happen. Luckily a colleague recommended The Old State.

The Old State did a great job working seamlessly with the creative team behind the 4th Annual National Student Show and Conference. They were able to see the vision in our head and make it a reality. And they didn't stop there. They found ways to make the back end of our site easy to use - the management tool they built for the site will make our job a breeze for years to come.

The Old State provided us with outstanding customer service, made key updates in no time and went the extra mile for us on more than one occasion. I hope that I have a chance to work with them again on future sites!