The Talent of Jan Showers Shines Through in Her Book Glamorous Rooms

If The Old State's Travis McElroy or Gabe Macias found themselves sinking in a sea of mediocrity or boredom at a party, they'd make a beeline for Jan Shower's social life raft. I mean, I aspire for these guys to talk about me behind my back the way they talk about Jan Showers. Quite simply, they love her. Jan Showers, how do you do it? Your reputation is impressive!
But not only is Jan gracious and kind and fun to be around, she is profoundly talented in her design business Jan Showers & Associates. Understated glamour, combining periods, comfortable spaces....these are the hallmarks of Jan's amazing style. She is inspired by art, travel, fashion, fine antiques, nature and unusual and elegant objects. As the result, her design firm is recognized as one of the most distinguished anywhere. Jan and her amazing team enjoy a remarkable reputation in the design community...and far beyond.
In early 2000, Jan Showers decided to make custom pieces she had been designing for her clients available to showrooms around the country. The Jan Showers Collection is now available in Dallas, Dania, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. Her beautiful book Glamorous Rooms is simply elegant and sophisticated and thrilling stroll through Jan's amazing spaces and timeless style. And does anyone not love Michael Kors and his own amazing talent as a fashion designer? He is equal parts hilarious and brilliant and elegant fashion brand extraordinaire. And as you know from his appearances on Project Runway, he doesn't say anything unless he means it. Well, he wrote the Forward for Jan's book Glamorous Rooms. In it, his "No one creates a stylish space like she does" is just one of the accolades he sends her way. Well deserved, we might Jan's style and design reach now extends internationally.
At The Old State, we are so proud to have built for Jan Showers & Associates. Our own amazing designer Gabe Macias designed it so well that it's one of our most admired. And the staff at Jan Showers have been great to work with. Zara Taitt is Senior Design Associate, Katherine Adams is Design Associate, Meg Mildren is the Showroom Manager, Charli Wright is The Jan Showers Collection Sales Manager and Sarita Pitt is Collection and Design Support. All profoundly professional, thorough, pleasant....and TALENTED!! So thank you Jan Showers and Jan Showers & Associates for believing in us. And congratulations for all your successes!
Jan Showers is a design showroom located at 1308 Slocum Street, Dallas, Texas 75207. The antique collection is open to the public. The Jan Showers Collection is available to the trade.
The phone number is 214-747-5252 and the website is

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