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“ Governor makes website development & management easier, faster and more profitable. ”

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Whether you're a business owner or a web professional, Governor is the last Content Management System you will ever need. In today’s fast paced marketplace, Website content has to stay relevant and current. To do that you need a Content Management System that is reliable, easy to use and scalable. With Governor, if you can type an email and attach a file, you can control the content on your site… it really is that easy. Governor approaches Content Management from a different angle: it is simple to learn by even the most novice users while retaining the power to manage almost every aspect of any website. Our patented tagging system allows for the fastest install times among leading content management systems, and the interface is easy to use and intuitive. The real value of Governor is the fact that it can be completely customized for your website and your exact needs. Whether you have a simple brochure site, or a enterprise eCommerce site, we can tailor Governor to fit your requirements. When combined with our full suite of products (Shoppe, HearYe, Claim, and Scribe), Governor provides a complete Content Management solution for even the most complex web systems. Read More

“One of the best looking interfaces I’ve ever seen.” - Bryan Bulte, Seed Sumo, Managing Director, Mentorship-Driven Seed Accelerator


Shoppe is a robust e-commerce engine, not just an out-of-the-box solution, and when you let The Old State customize it to fit your web store, the difference is easy to see. Easily import and sync your online inventory with your in-store system, integrate with any shipping provider to ensure a smooth checkout process, phone ordering, special requests, international can do it all with Shoppe. And, since most people begin their online shopping experience with a web search, expand your audience by exporting your inventory to Google Base. And, of course, your customers' information is secure with SSL encryption...the same as your online bank.Read More

Email marketing is an integral part of any web business. Stay in touch with your user base, create new customers, and keep your existing customers coming back to your site. HearYe Email Marketing makes creating and sending email campaigns easier than ever! With HearYe, you can create relevant newsletters with content that automatically imports from your site. With a click of a button, import blogs, products, news items...anything that exists on your website. No typing or uploading photos is required! Best of all, there's no monthly pay only when you send a campaign.Read More

Reach your targeted customers immediately and increase your revenue by adding CLAIM to your online arsenal. CLAIM SEO and Search Engine Marketing services increases the volume of quality traffic to your website by raising your position in the organic search results and promoting your site through a series of online marketing strategies. With almost 90% of consumers starting their purchase cycle in search engines, it's vital that you start using CLAIM SEO services immediately. In addition to seeing your online results, you will receive a monthly SEO Report which provides detailed information about your website traffic, ranking, and more.Read More

Scribe is a powerful blog module that provides creation, editing, commenting, version tracking, and scheduling of blog articles. Scribe allows multiple contributors, archiving. Scribe® is a fully integrated blogger tool that also connects with popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Scribe® enables simple publishing of blog articles, as well as allowing the review and control of comments. Whether you are a seasoned blogging guru or just starting out in the blog-o-sphere, Scribe® provides the tools you will need to succeed.Read More

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