“Reach your targeted customers immediately and increase your revenue by adding CLAIM to your online arsenal.”

CLAIM SEO Services

Reach your targeted customers immediately and increase your revenue by adding CLAIM to your online arsenal. CLAIM Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services increases the volume of quality traffic to your website by raising your position in the organic search results and promoting your site through a series of online marketing strategies. With almost 90% of consumers starting their purchase cycle in search engines, it's vital that you start using CLAIM SEO services immediately.

Pay-Per-Click that Pays

Quit wasting advertising dollars trying to reach the wrong customers. With CLAIM, we will analyze your website content and determine the exact keyword searches your customers are using to find your site. Then we will provide you with a comprehensive list of keywords that will ensure the highest rate of return on your online advertising investment.

Rule the Organic Search 

CLAIM services cover every aspect that search engines analyze from development to content to third party links. Rest easy knowing that someone is monitoring your website rank and your competitors.


In addition to seeing your online results, you will receive a monthly SEO Report which provides detailed information about your website traffic, ranking, conversion rates, keywords, competitors and more. CLAIM provides a clear view of how your customers are finding your website and allows you to more accurately target your sales or traffic goals. In addition to your SEO Report, you will also receive a Development Report listing the development services completed, which can include title tag optimization, URL rewriting, image optimization, hcard formatting, site map creation, Google base feeds for ecommerce, W3c validation and more.

The state of your brand is our business

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