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Branding & Design

The Old State is a Dallas branding agency specializing in a proven process that creates a long-lasting and measurable impact for new brands and established brands alike. Our team of experienced branding experts will take each client through a step-by-step process consisting of in-person meetings covering brand diagnosis, brand standards discovery, competition analysis and brand positioning of competing brands in Dallas, TX. With this information, we work with you to craft an updated corporate identity and ensure that your message is clear and concise for your new look - be it a complete web design or even a new logo. Each brand that we create is the outcome of our tireless process involving research and comprehensive immersion by our staff into your business, your customers, as well as the current competitive environment for your specific niche or industry. We'd love to partner with you to achieve your strategic branding goals. Let's talk about your project today. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch right away!

As with every other aspect of our process, our branding vision is born out of strategy.

As with every other aspect of our process, our branding vision is born out of strategy. Our branding services, therefore, allow us to systematically and creatively develop top branding solutions that culminate in timeless and elegant brand identities that inspire awe. At The Old State, our Branding Agency team pride ourselves in creating branding & identity packages that are as smart as they are aesthetically appealing and unique. Our identity packages are constructed from scratch through an exhaustive investigating process and include industry-leading craftsmanship and talent to ensure your brand tells your story, engages your consumers and leaves a lasting impression all who come into contact with your updated design & brand representation. Our award-winning creative team works seamlessly alongside our strategic marketers to ensure that all of our considerable creative power is pointed in the right direction in order to accomplish the strategic goals our brand team has established with the client. Build your brand's aesthetic and identity with our experience and talented brand team. Our Brand Strategists, Creative Directors and Art Directors have decades of experience creating stunning and effective brands in a vast range of industries. Our logo and identity design packages are second to none, but our branding solutions extend well beyond simple logo design. Our team leverages consumer marketing research tools that inform us on optimal conversion color pallets, brand standards, print and marketing materials, brand story, positioning and much more...all rooted in extensive market strategy to ensure that your customers are being spoken to in a meaningful way.

While we are digital experts, we do feel that print's not dead. We love making things IRL and print materials are still a great way to supplement any digital marketing strategy. Let us design something truly unique for your business, so you can stand out in a digital world. We've got experience making all of your business collateral needs, so tell us what you need and we'll get you to print.

Creating Lasting Impressions

First impressions are everything and your business has one shot at making its mark on the world. The Old State can help you identify your key targets and develop a brand strategy that speaks directly to them. This includes not only the visual aspects such as logo and colors, but also the brand story, taglines, and marketing messaging. By developing clear, compelling messaging, we can help position your brand for success. Tell us your goals and we'll give you a brand story that your customers can relate to.

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Recent Branding Projects

The Old State's strategic branding process not only produces beautiful logos and design, but when implemented in the context of a full marketing strategy has proven to increase ROI and help achieve business goals. We would love to discuss your project Let's Talk!

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