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The Old State

We are Digital Marketing, Branding, and Web Design experts that strive to elevate brands through strategy, creativity, and a little old-fashioned elbow grease.

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The State of Your Brand is our Business.

what we do


Our team will take you through a discovery journey to understand your industry and market intimately. We conduct persona studies as well as query a wide variety of marke

We build strategies that drive growth.

Our team will take you through a discovery journey to understand your industry and market intimately. We conduct persona studies as well as query a wide variety of marketing databases analyzing purchasing trends, behavioral patterns and competition analysis. As a Gold Agency HubSpot Partner we are able leverage targeting strategies within the platform and build marketing automation campaigns tailored to your exact target customer demographics.

what we do


Having a great new website design is not enough. You need to attract new leads and convert them into customers, right? We conduct market research to give you the lowdown on your target market, so you can focus on maintaining your brand's competitive edge.

We provide website design services for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Our talented website developers work hand-in-hand with our experienced team of website designers to produce website designs that not only function exactly as they should but also look beautiful and maintain high standards of usability on mobile and desktop browsers. Our website design team based in Dallas, TX offers decades of experience planning, designing and developing websites for thousands of brands over our 12 years in business. Web design can be a challenging process for many companies, but our website design & development team make it a pleasurable experience with a step by step process that keeps everyone in the loop.

what we do

Website Design

Web designers and web developers speak different languages. Perhaps this is the reason that so many websites either look great OR function well, but rarely do both. At The Old State, we've combined the best of both worlds (website design & website development).

We speak to your target audience.

Our marketing strategy teams develop marketing playbooks that provide a clear roadmap to get your goals met efficiently, effectively and within budget. We strive to ensure that your marketing campaigns speak to your target audience and that your website design engages, inspires and converts them into customers. By mapping out your customer's journey, we can step up your inbound marketing and marketing automation game by creating experiences that are valuable and positive for your business. As an award-winning Platinum Hubspot Partner Agency, we can help you attract, engage and delight your customers with the best tools for every stage of your inbound strategy.

what we do


We always think about strategy first. What are our objectives and how do we get there? We work with you to understand your goals and clearly document a multi-channel approach to achieve them.

We guide our clientele through strategic brand analysis and discovery.

During our brand building exercises we uncover the DNA of your brand. We carefully refine, craft and tell your brand story in a methodical step by step approach to ensure alignment on all fronts. We document and leverage this information to develop brand identities for organizations large and small. Whether you are an established brand looking to refresh or update, or a startup in need of your first identity package, we have the brand development experience and know-how to build a memorable brand identity you will be proud of. Our Brand Strategists, Creative and Art Directors, and marketing professionals have decades of experience creating stunning and effective brands in a vast range of industries.

what we do


As with every other aspect of our process, our branding vision is born out of strategy. Our award-winning creative team works seamlessly alongside our strategic marketers and web design architects to ensure that all of our considerable creative power is pointed in the right direction in order to accomplish the strategic goals our brand team has established with the client.

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The Future of the Customer Journey is Immersive

We'll show you how we re-envisioned the marketing funnel to illustrate the vast diversity of the modern customer journey. We'll also highlight some ways you can leverage your existing marketing tools to ensure that you're creating an immersive experience.

Let's Work Together

Our clients aren’t badges of honor, they are the people we serve.

Our clientele comes from every industry, every walk of life, and every corner of the globe. Our word is our bond, a day’s work is truly gratifying, and customers always come first. We don’t seek praise, awards or recognition. We seek growth, quantifiable return on investment and top-line growth for the people who trust us with their brand.