3 Ways Dallas Web Design Can Make Your Site Look More Modern

Few aspects of our digital world stay constant for long. You probably don't have the same cell phone you did five years ago. Your television is far more "smart" than the one you used to watch. Just the same, website design is changing. Modern technology is never stagnant, and this affects everything from what website visitors expect from your website's design and how it functions.

It may seem like a lot to keep up with, but don’t worry! The Dallas web design team at The Old State is here to help you! We put together a quick list of elements needed for your website to look modern.

The Top 3 Trends in Modern Web Design

The importance of website design is undeniable. Research tells us that 75% of  a user’s judgment about a website is based on the design of the site. It takes these judgments only 3.42 seconds to occur! That’s why it is crucial to pay attention to website design. 

It's about more than the website itself. Your business' credibility is at stake! This is why you want your website to give a great first impression. Here's how to make your website look as modern as possible, without sacrificing usability or customer experience (CX):

Use Unique Typography

Gone are the days of Times New Roman or Arial ruling the world. Many modern companies have a particular font, or typography, that they use to help their customers immediately identify them from their competitors. Your choice in typography will indicate subtle hints to readers about who you are and what you represent. Some fonts are more serious, others are fun, and others still are fancy. What do you want to portray to your website readers? This is what web designers excel in!

Semi-Flat Design

Some art just looks more modern than others. Right now, semi-flat design is very on-trend. This describes a design with elements that give the perception of three dimensions. Often, this is done using shadows. Not only is flat design easier for a website's users to understand, but there is a development benefit as well. Experts in web design in Dallas,TX will tell you that flat designs load more quickly on websites without complicated or overly technical elements.

Hamburger Menus

You know your website needs a top navigation menu, but did you know there are options as far as what it looks like and how it functions? Navigation menus take the website visitor directly to where they want to go, whether it's a product page, to your contact information, or anywhere else. The disadvantage, design-wise, is that these menus take up a lot of screen space. Above the fold on your homepage is valuable real estate! The hidden menu, or hamburger menu, is the best of both worlds. This term describes a condensed menu that not only saves spaces but is also intuitive for users to navigate.

It somewhat looks like a hamburger because it is represented by three or four horizontal lines. If you need an example of what a hamburger menu looks like, here's a hint- we use one on this website!

The Old State Provides Top Dallas Web Design 

You don't simply want a website; you want a great website. This means more than just "it works" or "it looks good." You must keep up with current trends in order to provide your website visitors with the up-to-date, modern experience they expect. Nothing less will do! At The Old State, you'll find web design experts who can provide this for you. 

Our talented and experienced Dallas web design team works hand-in-hand with our developers to produce excellent websites. This is achieved through a proven step-by-step process that ensures your website looks beautiful, performs efficiently, meets your expectations, and gets results. Let our team create the website you've always envisioned for your business. If you're ready for us to do this for you, let's talk!