Let's stop the lightning speed with which technology changes for a minute and talk about where it's has been and where it's going. In the beginning we all thought it was too much too fast. But now we can't imagine our lives without email, texting, social websites, twitter, google search, etc. But all these things have ultimately enriched our lives exponentially, and all are so user friendly and important for business now. Remember when you had to go to the library to find out a factoid? Ouch. Thank you google! So all in all life has become fuller, easier, our horizons have been greatly expanded in the last 20 years. And we have found that all these tools can be infinitely profitable for our brands, if used right. At The Old State, through experience we've found out how to make them all work seamlessly for the good of the cause! Shine worldwide brand, shine!

Something Ventured, Something Gained

We've always said that good things come to those who DON'T wait. And we mean it. We advise our clients to stop their angst over new ways of doing things online and have fun with it. Roll with it. Your only choice is to keep up or get left behind. And enjoy it! At The Old State, we've seen time and again clients who've tiptoed into change reluctantly and then decide to start running in with gusto once they see immediate results. You'll be a convert too once you see your bottom line crawl up from the bottom to the top. You really can make up for lost revenue from brick and mortar through doing things better online. But it doesn't happen by itself. You have to be proactive, you have to embrace change, you have to always keep your childlike enthusiasm for all things new. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world count as their most valued asset their ability to see things through fresh eyes throughout their entire lives. So call us childish in our enthusiasm if you wish, we take it as a compliment.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

OK, just what is the fairest brand of them all? That's a loaded question, and we can't name just one. We certainly love Apple, as they clearly have embraced "Something Ventured, Something Gained" mentioned above. In spite of a few missteps of late, they have changed our culture and the way we do things. But we're also very bullish on some brands right here in Texas. We love NorthPark Center, which happens to be our client. We love them because since the 60's they've been able to remain fresh and new and current. Our Mom's and Mom's Moms loved going to NorthPark, and now so do we. It's still that place where you arrive and go "ahhh, now this is an escape". That's hard to do, but they've done it. No detail is too small for NorthPark, and it's what keeps us coming back for more. We also love our favorite partner PaperCity Magazine, because it's been able to capture that similar escape feeling. Admit it, as soon as you see a new issue you beeline it to your favorite coffee shop and look at every picture and read every word. So all in all with branding it's still about the quality experience for the customer. Build it and they will come.

"Google Me"

Your brand is awesome, your products are fantastic, your heart and soul have been put into every little detail...and it shows. But your sales are lackluster? Yes, some of this can be blamed on the economy. But that excuse is getting old and outdated. If you're not well-positioned in google and other searches, then it's your fault. You can do something about it. A website is your 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, worldwide employee....make sure she shines. Treat her well and she'll beat the sales quota of a cast of thousands. But that includes being proactive with your Search Engine Optimization. At The Old State, this is one of our specialties. We leave nothing to chance. Google does not work by emotion, it works by mathmatics. So we implement an Alpha Strategy that ensures you come up near the top in generic key word searches. So don't let your hard work and brilliant product line or service languish simply because you're not coming up in front of the right number of eyes online. Take action, and make the world beat a path to your door!