At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we get really excited about the shiny and the new. And we know of nothing shinier than the new website! With the amazing and highly effective Jennifer Longley and her equally dynamic colleagues Kevin Jones, Kriste White and Nikki Collins, we all worked together to bring you a new design and some wonderful new functionality. And as anyone who has worked with Jennifer Longley before knows, she is infinitely professional and makes the process thoroughly enjoyable. So it was a joy to bring it all together!

At Danco, their corporate culture is all about innovating, and they always deliver. After working with them directly, we now know firsthand that this is overwhelmingly true. They leave no stone unturned in their loyalty to their customers. And this, among many other things, is precisely why they are the industry leader, and with so many loyal customers in return. For example, their fantastic new Solutions Center addresses common DIY plumbing problems and how to easily fix them.....all while saving money and empowering yourself in the process. The section offers helpful pictures and videos to provide you an understandable go-to resource for plumbing Do It Yourself projects. How to fix a leaky faucet, your water pressure is weak, how to connect a portable dishwasher, updating sink handles or a sink spray? It's all there when you need it in an easy to understand format. also offers a new "Did You Know?" section to provide helpful hints to saving money or updating your kitchen or bath...or both. And get ready, because in a challenging economy it's a thrill to empower yourself while saving money at the same time! Danco's "How To" section is infinitely thorough and yet easy to understand as well. On, they walk you through some common fixes you can easily do yourself. And as you'll see, this innovative new website will prove to you time and again that saving money will never go out of style!

Another thing we love about Danco (and by now you know that there are many), is their "Inventor Central" section. Have an idea which could revolutionize the way things are done in the plumbing sector? Well, consider them a potential partner in this easy to navigate and innovation-friendly section! And Danco's "Careers" page will always celebrate the power of their people. At every turn on the new website, they remind you that they will never take their leader-status for granted. Every single day the tireless and amazing team members at Danco show they love to innovate.... and bring you better solutions at affordable prices.

So in conclusion, make sure to visit the brand new! It really is a special site, for a special company, for their special customers. And we had such a nice time working with everyone at Danco. When we first started, we read in searches over and over that they were known for superior quality, innovation and service. And now that we've worked with Danco directly, we know for sure that this is all very true!

Congratulations Danco on the launch of the new! And also make sure to check out all of the great money-saving Danco products at Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, Menard's and other stores nationwide.