I am writing this during the middle of the pandemic. It seems weird to write a blog post in the year 2020 without mentioning it so let’s just get it out of the way. We all hate being stuck at home, Tiger King was crazy, can you believe that one girl did that one thing on a zoom call? Alright, got that out of the way.  Now let us talk about what we are missing out on and what we have to look forward to... The Great Outdoors! And how GreatParks.org connects their community to nature and how The Old State is lucky enough to play a part. 

    When it comes to being outside no one does it better than the folks in Hamilton County. Hamilton County encompasses Cincinnati Ohio and the surrounding areas. They have 17 parks, 6 golf courses, 78 miles of trails, and countless activities such as classes, camps, auctions, and concerts. You can find out more about this vibrant ecosystem of outdoorsy fun by perusing their site at GreatParks.org. The site is currently over 2,350 pages. That is 2,350 pages of quality content that draws in tons of traffic and provides a valuable service to the community of Hamilton County. 

     How does one manage a site like this? If you are looking to build a site that is constantly growing and evolving, constantly looking for ways to improve and has timely content changes you are probably expecting to dedicate time to it.  While website design and management takes time, there are a few things we have done to cut down on that time. The site is using the Governor platform for its content management system. It is easy for someone with very little training to be able to create new pages, enter and edit content all while not having to worry about the design elements or code at all. If you would like a guided tour of the governor platform I would be happy to show you around just let me know

     Also to help cut down on how much time you’ll be spending on the site you can check out our support plan options. If you are going to be updating content frequently such as blogs, profiles, or products you might want to have us on retainer to do it for you. Most requests are handled in less than 24 hours and we can provide other support such as developing new features or fixing issues when they happen.  

     GreatParks.org is absolutely one of my favorite sites. It has rich meaningful content, it brings joy to the people it serves and I am so happy every time I get to work on it. Partnering with the people at Great Parks of Hamilton County to keep this site well maintained has been very rewarding. Using the Governor platform and the convenience of the support plan they have in place also makes working on the site very painless.