Today, it all starts with a login.

We log in. We log on. We update our current status to a more current status. We like. We comment. We upvote, we double tap, we tweet. Refresh. Send. Repeat.

In our world of 140 characters or more these are the new tools of communication. At The Old State we have never forgotten where this all comes from …

An introduction. A handshake. A cup of coffee. A cigar. A conversation.

Welcome to The Statement, The Old State House of Design and Development’s outpost for good old-fashioned communication.  And we have a lot we want to tell you.

The accomplishments of our clients, the inspiration for our work, the details of our process and the innovative new products we are developing are keeping us busy and eager to share. The Statement is a place to get to know The Old State and what makes us tick. And who makes us tick.

Of course we think we can make your website better. Or improve your search engine optimization. We have really good advice about how to communicate your brand to your clients. We are going to work great together.

But we can start here. Sniff us out a little bit. Maybe even give us a “like.”

But we can’t wait to get to know you too and have that cup of coffee or cigar and more importantly, a conversation.