At The Old State, we know that it's all in the details for a totally effective web presence. Your brand needs to shine and be front and center with the best possible website, logo and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And it all needs to come together seamlessly with both brilliant design and exceptional functionality.

If you browse through our roster of clients, you will see some rather impressive names. NorthPark Center, Allan Knight and Associates, Jan Showers, Ceylon et Cie, Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Papercity Magazine, TCU and many others. These are people and brands which can choose to work with anyone. And while we are of course delighted and proud to work with them, in the end we know they chose us because we know how to make a difference for their business. And some of our clients have actually doubled their sales as the result of a functional website and branding.

Now, in a world that's cluttered and where there are choices at every turn, the smart money knows that a great website is a must. It must also come up on the first page of generic searches on Google and other search engines. If you're in the lamp business, then you must come up when someone searches "lamps" or "lamps dallas" each and every time. We know precisely how to achieve this for you, and when they click through from that search, they must arrive at the most inspired website possible. It is THEN that you get the sale that you might not have had otherwise. And in the end, it's just smart business. And there is no luck involved. But creating an effective website does involve The Old State House of Web Design & Development.

And that's our promise.