What Services does a Branding Agency Offer?

If your customers or potential customers see your logo, do they automatically know it's yours? Do your signs, website, and storefront all use the same font and colors? Is your content written with the same voice across all platforms? If you answered no, or weren't sure what to say, it's time you look more into hiring a professional branding agency. That being said, your brand is more than just a logo, name, or color scheme. It’s who you are as a company at a very fundamental level. 

6 Services We Can Offer You

At The Old State, we've collaborated with hundreds of world-class brands across a multitude of industries. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a new startup, we'd love to meet you and explore the different ways our branding agency can grow your brand. How do we do it? We offer all of these branding services, and more:

#1 Logo Design
First impressions are important, and for many potential customers, your logo will provide an initial glimpse of your brand. Whether you are building a brand identity from the ground up or looking to rebrand an established business, the logo is the first place to start. Your logo says so much about you! Your logo should tell prospective customers much of what they need to know about your business in an instant. When you look at the top logos in the world, they are recognizable by people in many countries, speaking different languages. A full 90% of people across the globe immediately recognize the Coca-Cola logo!

#2 Brand Messaging
Your brand messaging should answer questions like:

• What do you offer customers?
• How do your services or brand experience beat the competition?
• What do customers get from you that they can’t get elsewhere?

Another way to think of your brand messaging is your value proposition. For a luxury car company, the messaging will be that people will instantly know you're a success when you drive one. The cheapest pizza place in town won't focus their brand messaging on quality, but rather price.

#3 Brand Positioning 
Brand positioning is how you set yourself apart from the competition. What do you bring to the table that is distinct? If you are not sure how to answer that question, it’s going to be pretty tough to convince potential customers to choose your business over a similar one. That's where a branding agency can help! In fact, here at The Old State we dive deep to understand what makes your business unique and find an effective way to showcase those strengths.

#4 Brand Voice
Some brands are friendly, some are funny, some are very professional, and some are aspirational. Some speak to women, while some speak to racial minorities. McDonald‘s and Rolex don't use the same language in their ads. Establishing a brand voice and adhering to it across all touchpoints, which means both marketing campaigns and customer interactions, is extremely important when carving yourself a niche in the industry.

#5 Social Media Branding
Social media branding has exploded within the last two decades. You want to have the same consistent branding across all channels. On the other hand, social media platforms like Twitter and Tik Tok often lend themselves to more irreverent and playful content. A branding agency can help you marry the two. 

#6 Style Guide
A successful business grows to where it's not just you and a handful of others "in the loop." Once you’ve defined your brand voice, you need to codify it so every employee and stakeholder knows how to follow your branding guidelines. This is the style guide. These guides detail your brand voice, messaging, and design principles. They instruct your staff on the exact language to use, what color schemes to incorporate, and how to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Professional Branding From The Old State

Branding dictates how customers feel about your business. What does your branding say about you? We want to help you and ensure that you are thrilled with the answer you give to that question. In fact, branding is one of the most popular services we offer. If you're interested in learning more about our branding services, we encourage you to see some of our past branding work and then request a proposal. One of our team members would be happy to chat about your company's needs. All you need to do is ask!