Marketing automation is the process of using specific software to conduct your marketing activities automatically, with rules you define.

The result is not only efficient, but a personalized experience for your potential customers on the receiving end. 

How is the experience personalized? With marketing automation, you can build a relationship with your ideal customer by sending messages tailored specifically for them, based on pre-determined triggers. 

For example, when an interior designer views a specific product on a furniture website, but eventually leaves the site without purchasing, an email can be sent directly to them regarding that product via marketing automation.

To personalize the customer journey further, the interior designer could receive an email with different wording and industry jargon than a message marketed to a college freshman decorating their first dorm.

Birthday offers, welcome messages, and promotion reminders are other popular ways businesses can tailor content with marketing automation.

How Does Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?

When done properly, marketing automation enables… 

  • Lead generation
  • Lead scoring
  • Customer nurturing
  • Customer retention 
  • and Data analysis.

among other solutions. Automating the several actions between marketing and sales allows your team more time to focus on strategy across the board. Time that could be spent nurturing the leads you care about most. Resulting in more prospects, and more customers. 

How to Start Marketing Automation?

To begin marketing automation, it’s best to research your preferred automation software. Depending on your choice, the following steps may vary, but typically the process entails…

  • Integrating the software with your CRM
  • Importing your contacts
  • Creating email templates
  • And starting your first campaign

As a marketing agency, The Old State is home to digital strategy specialists who would be happy to jump start the marketing automation process for your company. If interested, be sure to contact us