We work hard at The Old State. But even designers and developers need some down time every now and then. That's why last Friday we decided to take a trip out to our super-secret fishing hole. Unfortunately, when we got to our super-secret fishing hole, there were already about 50 people fishing there. After about 45 minutes of messing with our lines, trying to rig our bait, and pulling hooks out of our fingers, we finally settled down in our spots and started fishing. All in all it was a great day. I got 7 and Travis reeled in 14 or 15 (see the photo of his "magic" bait), including one that had just eaten a smaller fish, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Just being outside was such a refreshing change of pace...and there's nothing like experiencing nature to get your creative juices flowing in full force.

Just being outside was such a refreshing change of pace...

On a side note, Travis and I made very different choices that morning when it came to our fishing attire. Travis opted for full hunting gear and boots (very appropriate I think) while I went for a more casual look, I guess, in my designer jeans and Chuck Taylors. Maybe I'll get some boots for our next trip out there.