A while back, I wrote about Saul Bass, one of my all-time favorite designers and a real inspiration to me. I'd like to continue on that path and write about another of my design heroes: Milton Glaser.

The scope and diversity of this man's work astounds me. He's done everything from poster design to branding to environmental design to magazine publishing. Here are a few of his accomplishments:

? In 1954 he founded the highly influential Push Pin Studio with Semour Chwast, Reynold Ruffins and Edward Sorel.
? In 1968 he and Clay Felker founded New York Magazine, a publication that continues to lead the way in both the print and web media.
? In 1974 he founded Milton Glaser, Inc. where he produced the iconic "I Love NY" logo.
? In 1983 he founded WBMG, a company which has designed more than 50 magazines, newspapers and peridoicals around the world.

The thing that impresses me about Milton Glaser perhaps even more than his astounding accomplishments is his resolve to adhere to his personal code of ethics. For example, he once refused to create an ad aimed at children for a cereal that had no nutritional value and a high sugar content. For more on this subject, read his article titled Ambiguity & Truth.