Every once in awhile in life you meet a person who is both profoundly interesting AND profoundly talented. And one of those at the top our list is Michelle Nussbaumer at the interior design firm Ceylon et Cie. First of all, Michelle is one of the most entertaining people to work with that you'll ever meet. There's a reason why this lovely woman has so many friends and clients. But not only is she a blast to be around, she is also over-the-top talented! But don't just take it from us, take it from magazines at the top of their game like Veranda, Elle Decor, D Home and many others. These magazines can choose the work of anyone, but often they choose Michelle and Ceylon et Cie for their beautiful and comfortable fine design.

Look through a few of Ceylon et Cie's previous projects and you can quickly see that Michelle's talent shines through in everything she does. And we are delighted she chose us for her new website. We will soon launch the new www.CeylonetCie.com, and we have had a great time working on it. Michelle is as forward thinking and creative digitally as she is in her interior design work. At all levels, she continually raises the bar for fine design. And with everything she does you can tell she is excited to put forth something unique and elegant, something you've never seen before....and it is somehow always both brand new AND timeless at the same time. How does she do it? We don't know, but we sure like it. And so do her many clients.
But let's not stop there. In dealing with Ceylon et Cie, we can also tell Michelle is uniquely talented at inspiring her creative team. Nile Nussbaumer? A lovely creative dynamo. Troy Steakley? Awesome. Rachel Richardson? Amazing. And speaking of, their new website will be similarly so. Make sure to watch out for the new and improved www.CeylonetCie.com soon! Located at 1319 Dragon Street in the Design District of Dallas, a 2 minute stroll through their beautiful showroom and you'll quickly see why Michelle Nussbaumer Design and Ceylon et Cie enjoy one of the most enviable international reputations anywhere.

Thank you Ceylon et Cie!