Your marketing efforts will vary by channel and your strategy should too!

AA multichannel marketing strategy is a must for your 2019 initiatives. We cannot emphasize enough that when it comes to your marketing efforts a strategy by channel is what will elevate your results. At our digital marketing agency, we are firm in our belief that broad overall strategies are a way of the past. The more granular you can get in your channel efforts the better!

But what does this mean in terms of your channel mix?

You’ll first need to identify your key demographics for persona writing and scoring. Once you have your marketing personas dialed in, you can prioritize and evaluate which channels you should focus on by target priority. That’s right, not by channel, but by targeted persona. From your tone, to the your timing and most importantly the cost will vary by channel, allowing you to tailor your efforts better. If you know which targets are your top priority you can then create a strategy by channel to focus your time and efforts in the right place.

Why should you create a strategy by channel?

Talk the Talk: Each targeted persona should have a messaging that speaks differently to them based on the medium. For example, you will speak very differently on social media and with different frequency than you would via email.

Walk the Walk: Not every persona or customer group will actually be active on every channel. Your highest score persona may not be on the channel you expected to spend the most dollars, so your path and direction to convert them will be different.

Channels make limits: There are limitations by channel that will effect your strategy. From timing and frequency, to character count and qualifiers, the channel you are marketing on will set the tone for what can be accomplished. In addition to that each channel will have different touch points or bench marks that will be identified as a goal. A client who can be converted on Facebook with a quick post will have a different set of goal criteria than one who needs to be incorporated in a series of informative emails in a automated workflow.

Cross Channel Cohesiveness: Cross channel efforts allow for you to start on one channel and close on another. Because the messaging, budget and activities are different, you can weave each channel’s strategy together for a cohesive sales process.

As a Dallas Strategic Agency with years under our belt, we can advise that a strategy by channel is the best way to approach your marketing efforts in 2019. Strategy by channel allows you to evaluate your efforts, budget and prioritize your targets in real time. What are you waiting for, there’s no time like the present to get your channel strategy solidified!

Parker Peterson Art Director