Allan Knight and Associates is a trade showroom based in Dallas and, quite frankly, it's a showstopper. Wow, wow, and wow. Within these walls the creative process and magnificent design are bursting at the seams. At The Old State, we appreciate fine design, innovative thinking, the-sky-is-the-limit creativity and divine inspiration. Allan Knight delivers all this and more! If you could close your eyes and make a wish to be transported to Design Heaven, you'd wake up here. Inspired, current, classic, timeless, magnificent, brilliant....all these words are alive and well in every inch of this showroom. Talk about a visual treat, this is the place.

At The Old State, we're delighted to be building Allan Knight's brand new website, which will launch for 2011. Our own supremely talented web designer Gabe Macias is spearheading the process, and he's having a blast with it. You see, the team at Allan Knight guessed it....very forward thinking digitally as well. And get ready, the end result of this creative effort online is going to be very special too!

Alright, let's talk specifics. Allan Knight is President and curator of the brand. Ben Goldfarb is CEO of Allan Knight and Associates/Alexander Plastics/Creations Global Retail. Cearan Henley is in charge of advertising, marketing, branding, social and business networking and author of their Blog. Jennifer Greenberg is their contracted graphics wizard extraordinaire through her own company Letting it Run. With an enviably talented sales team headed up by sales manager David Peterman, it all comes together into one remarkably talented whole at Allan Knight. These assets allow them to enjoy one of the most enviable reputations in the country as the result.

Acrylic, textiles, lighting, iron, accessories, Acrylic Upholstery and James Lockridge Fine Furnishings, it's all there in magnificent glory. Sixty represented lines and Allan's own lines make up the framework of product offered at Allan Knight and Associates. The Allan Knight brand product is also located in design showrooms in every major market in the United States. For more information contact 214-741-2227 or visit The showroom is located at 150 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Suite 101, Dallas, Texas 75207.

Congratulations Allan Knight and Associates. In a world full of delicious cakes, you TAKE the cake!