Generate More Conversions

Digital marketing is incredibly beneficial for companies in all industries. One of the advantages of digital marketing is that it doesn't matter if you have two employees or 2,000, the essential digital marketing strategy remains the same and you're able to be competitive on a worldwide stage.

That being said, your digital marketing effort will all be for naught if you don't have a great website, well-done landing pages, and a few other essentials in place. If you're not seeing as many conversions as you would like, it's quite possible these factors may be at play. 

What are Conversions?

A conversion is a person who visits your website and becomes a paying customer or client. Website conversion rates average around 2%. For every 100 visitors, you can expect to get two customers. That’s a pretty good conversion rate.

Many sites only have a 0.1 to 0.2% conversion rate. That means it takes 1,000 visitors to get one new customer. If you're thinking that number doesn't seem high, you're right. The question becomes- how do we improve conversion rates to get more customers?

How to Generate More Conversions

#1 Revamp your website: It's possible the reason conversion rates are low is that the website is lacking user-friendly mobility. Fortunately, this is nothing a skilled team of web designers cannot fix. It's a good measure to ensure your website looks beautiful, performs efficiently, and most importantly- generates more conversions. 

#2 Invest in paid search: Perhaps the right people are not finding your website in the first place. This is where paid advertising can be used to generate more conversions. Paid search marketing services help you design campaigns that capture your target audience’s attention. As potential customers search for something like "Bakery in Miami, FL" or "Roof Repair Near Me," your paid ads ensure your website is the top result. When serious prospects visit your website, your conversion rate naturally improves. 

#3 Create new landing pages: Paid ads are one part of the equation, landing pages are another. When potential customers click on the ad, they need to be sent to a user-friendly, high-quality landing page. This means the page is aesthetically pleasing, the copy is well-written, and the visitor information is captured. 

Your visitors may be leads today and conversions tomorrow, so don't be discouraged if they don't convert right away. Capturing their information, like a name and email, means your brand will stay fresh on their mind until they make their decision.

#4 Add testimonials, reviews, and logos: No one wants to be the first person to use a product or service. A great way to generate more conversions is to put their mind at ease by providing testimonials and reviews from past customers. Make it easy for customers to see that you're a fantastic company that offers products or services that are liked by many real-life shoppers. Your website visitors will feel more confident in making a purchase.

Generate More Conversions with Help From The Old State

We hope you don't look at this list and feel overwhelmed. While this may be a lot to handle on your own, you are not on your own! The digital marketing experts at The Old State have years of experience and plenty of specialized training in order to know how to generate more conversions for you. Whether you need better website design, newly-written landing page copy, or anything else- we're here for you!