Jeromy Leavelle founder of the Woly Board Company is truly one of our favorite people on the planet earth. Yes that is right, the entire planet. When he actually finds time to meet with us to discuss one of the many projects we are handling for him, between his trips to Belize, and week long wake board excursions, we always have a great time! Well after our latest meeting where we discussed his new WBC site which is about to launch, and a new site we are working on which is "Wake-Tastic," Jeromy took Curtis and I wake boarding. All I can say is that it was so much fun, that I think I am addicted! Okay the phrase "Getting Up" has a few meanings, but in wake board terms it means getting your fat butt out of the water and up on the board. I must say that getting up out of the water is not easy. I consider myself a pretty good athlete and out of about 10 trys I only got up 3 times. For those who want a tip, it is all about letting the boat do the work, when the boat pulls, point your toes, and straighten your legs. Sounds easy huh! Trust me it is not, at least not at first. But it seems as though once you get the form down, it's like riding a bike. Anyway, we went out on the Woly team boat, an orange and black brand new Malibu, completely tricked out. Check out the pics. And please support your local wake boarders, they need food, shelter, and water. By the way the TOS wake boat is coming soon, stay tuned!!