At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we love rare quality masterpieces. And what could be more rare than the world's most valuable...and we might add!? The last time it was auctioned, in 1999, it went for a cool $11 million. It's worth much more now. And what is it, you might ask? Yes, we thought you'd want to know. It is the illustrious Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocketwatch by Patek Phillippe from 1933.

Made under super secrecy for the collector Henry Graves by Patek Phillippe in yellow gold, it is known to be the second most complicated watch in the world. (the #1 most complicated is the Patek Phillippe Calibre 89 with 33 complications, 1728 parts and weighing in at over 3 pounds!). But isn't this watch a beauty. Before the Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocketwatch was made, Marie Antoinette's 1783 custom watch was the most complicated, a title it held for well over a century.

So there you have it. This is what you get for a cool $11 million in a timepiece. Enjoy!

But one last question. WHAT TIME IS IT?