Why Is a Logo Important for Any Type of Business?

Think of some of the world's most successful companies. What do they all have in common? A great logo! This means it's recognizable, among other things. Having a logo is an integral part of making your brand a successful one. Your logo is right up there with offering high-quality products and amassing positive referrals.

Imagine you're in a foreign country where you don't speak the language. You're walking down the street and come across those bright yellow golden arches you know so well. You found a McDonald's!

This story highlights one reason a logo is so important. It tells people they've found your brand, without reading any words and possibly even without speaking the language. Let's dig deeper into why a logo is important, as well as how to create one that will be successful.

Why Is a Logo Important?

Forbes reminds us that the right logo says everything to your audience, without actually saying a word. Logos are pictures, words, or a combination of both that connote feelings of honor, trust, pride, excellence, and integrity. Logos convey a series of virtues and a set of values, without needing pages of long-form copy and a team of copywriters to get the message across. They bring about a sense of connection between a brand and consumers. Logos also establish a bond between your company and your community of fans, friends, critics, allies, and champions. 

A logo is not just about what it looks like. You must also factor in how it attracts attention from current and potential consumers. Is your brand luxurious? Simple and straightforward? Eco-friendly? Creative? Your logo is you! Use it to tell your audience about you, in a way that doesn't use words.

In other words, creating a logo goes hand in hand with the importance of generating an online branding presence.

How to Create a Logo

Let's look at another famous logo, the Nike swoosh. You know a pair of sneakers are Nike, without ever seeing their name brand. Unlike large, world-wide companies, your small brand doesn't have years of brand recognition that people associate your business with. You don't have a huge marketing budget to help consumers understand what your business does, either. For this reason, your logo needs to clearly communicate who you are and what you do in an instant. A great small business logo only needs three things: 

#1 Great typography

#2 Simple colors

#3 A strong visual element

Strong branding provokes emotional connection. You know a McDonald's burger will make it feel like home when you're far away. You know a pair of Nike sneakers will be of high-quality. There’s a lot to consider when boiling your brand to a single design. In fact, it's probably far too complicated to do it on your own. But it’s okay if you're not a logo creation expert, because we are!

Professional Branding Services From The Old State

Your logo is the visual foundation of your brand's unique identity. 

Logo creation is only one aspect of our professional branding services. The services we provide you create long-lasting and measurable impact for both brand-new brands and established brands alike. Our team of experienced branding experts follow the best branding practices and are more than happy to guide you through a step-by-step brand discovery process consisting of in-person meetings regarding brand diagnosis, brand standards, competition analysis, and brand positioning. 

Each logo The Old State creates is the result of our effective process involving research and comprehensive immersion conducted by our branding agency staff. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a new startup, we'd love to meet you and explore the different ways our professional branding services can grow your brand. 

Are you ready to take your branding strategy to the next level? Let's talk! Reach out today for a professional branding and logo creation proposal