At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we have had the good fortune to work with some of the best brands, designers and businesses in Dallas...or anywhere for that matter. But there's an honorable mention of the highest order to talk about today. And that is for one of our all-time favorite clients Allan-Knight and Associates of Dallas, which has now shown us through the process of designing and launching their brand new website what true professionalism means. Thank you Allan, Cearan and the entire team at Allan Knight and Associates. We enjoyed it!

First of all, we are so honored to have been chosen to work hand-in-hand with a brand as illustrious and respected as Allan Knight and Associates. And let us assure you it was exhilarating to witness firsthand their now legendary design process...which they applied beautifully with us to the brand new Wow is the only word that adequately does justice. Quite frankly, it's a stunning display and perfect balance between fine design and technology. Make sure not to miss it.

Known for their ability to arrive at the best of the best in everything they do, Allan Knight's kind and gentle and decisive hand throughout the process of designing and building the new site was something remarkable to experience. And we believe they may well redefine fine design's careful embrace of technology in the process. Because if the world truly is a stage, then through their new they might just also be making it their oyster in the process. On every page of this new site, we believe their design excellence now shines through crystal clear.

In conclusion, we want to say that we were awed by Allan-Knight's talents when we started. But we are now huge fans of them as people as well. And we are so thrilled with the end result we achieved together. We will now be forever impressed Allan Knight and Associates' ability to know just what they want, just the right touch, just the right look and feel and style. And we want to thank them for choosing us to showcase their powerful talents to the world online. Quite frankly, we believe this new website may now set the bar very high indeed.

The Old State House of Web Design & Development