Then it comes to living legends Loretta Lynn tops the cake for me. She's spunky, she's talented and she takes her ENTIRE family on the road with her. And by some small miracle, my band Smile Smile opened for her show at House of Blues in Dallas.

Pulling up to House of Blues we knew that it was going to be a fun night when we saw a massive pink bus parked out back with Loretta Lynn's name running down the side.

Her band was sound checking when we got inside and afterwards her son Earl stuck around to have a chat with us. He thought we were from somewhere called Melvin, TN! We had a laugh about that and he said whoever told him that was "blanker than a cap gun."

We played our set and even had a couple two-step to "Sad Song". Now if you don't know what two-stepping is, I will tell you that it doesn't go with slow, sad pop ballads. But they were really sweet for getting up and putting on a show.

I usually don't get star struck but there's something about seeing Loretta Lynn in full purple chiffon and rhinestones that will make you catch your breath. She even took requests from the crowd. Well, only if the band knew how to play the song.

She also let us in a secret that she's going to rerecord all of her "hits" on a new album, but she hadn't told her record label yet because she knew they wouldn't let her. But she was doing it anyway!

So here are a couple of photos, and one we snapped when we were riding down the elevator with her to party on her bus...Ok well we didn't party but we did get to hang out with her for a ride.