What Types of Digital Marketing do Dallas Agencies Offer?

You know your business needs to leverage digital marketing as much as possible. Did you also know that there are different types of digital advertising? In fact, there are eight! With so many options, you can discuss your exact wants and needs with a digital marketing agency in Dallas who can then use them to enhance your online marketing results. 

The 8 Types of Digital Marketing

You want to reach the right people, at the right time, and with the right content. As you speak with industry experts, you may decide to use one, a few, or all of these to your advantage:

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For many companies, their main goal when working with a digital marketing agency in Dallas is to be found more often by people looking for their services. To accomplish this, SEO marketing experts research words and phrases internet users are typing into Google and Bing to search for information online. They then use those terms in their own content, thereby ranking higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Being found more often means more website visitors and eventually more customers. 

#2 Pay-per-Click (PPC)

If you can't get the SEO results you’re looking for organically, either because you want to show up right away or a competitor is too well established, a brand can pay for their ads to appear to internet users. PPC can refer to the ads you see at the top and sides of a SERP, the ads you see while browsing the web, ads before YouTube videos, and ads in mobile apps.

#3 Content Marketing

In digital marketing, we like to say, "content is king." That is because it is so important! Content marketing uses content to increase brand awareness. In this context, “content” can mean blog posts, white papers, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and much more. 

#4 Social Media Marketing

This is when brands use their social presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter to reach their customers. Social media marketing is more than just creating posts for social channels, though. Social media efforts must be coordinated and consistent in order to be truly effective. 

#5 Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels a brand can use. According to the DMA Marketer Email Tracker, for every dollar that’s spent on email marketing, the average expected ROI is $42! This isn't simply writing an email. There is quite a bit of analytics involved. By tracking key performance metrics, brands are able to determine which campaigns are effective and can make future decisions from there.

#6 Mobile Marketing

This has a bit of an overlap with some other types of digital marketing on this list. Mobile marketing reaches people through text messages, social media, email, websites, and phone apps. A marketing team tailors sales, offers, or special content to a geographic location or time. A great way to use this is when a customer walks into a store or enters an event.

#7 Video Advertising

Video advertising includes all forms of online advertising that include videos. Video streaming content on platforms like YouTube is huge! With mobile video consumption continuing to rise, this is a more and more effective way to reach your potential customers.

#8 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, sometimes called affiliate marketing, has grown recently in popularity among companies looking to bridge the gap between consumers and brands. This type of marketing utilizes the popularity of industry experts and social media influencers.

The Old State is the Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas You're Looking for

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into eight main categories including: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Advertising, and Influencer Marketing. No matter what you're looking for, the team to call is The Old State.

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