New Year's Evolutions

Oh what a remarkable year it has been. Measures you can implement online to improve your business have never been more exciting or effective. Our clients are seeing immediate and measurable results in the process. There are also many new bells and whistles added to the mix. You know when you look at a dated restaurant and then worry about the quality of their food? Well the same holds true for dated brands. It's a competitive world and it'll always be survival of the fittest in terms of design and quality. However, we find it a lot of fun to surpass competitors, and we'll show you how to enjoy the process too! A great brand is an ever-evolving one. And at The Old State that's our forte. Call us and we'll show you how to up the ante to get the most bang for your buck for your brand!

Brand Stand

Wow, we are still pinching ourselves when we look at our client list. But we'll never take it for granted. We will always know it's not a popularity contest. We have the clients we have because we treat each one like it's our favorite. We have to, because our clients expect the best of the best. And we take that challenge very seriously. So thank you NorthPark Center, PaperCity Magazine, Jan Showers & Associates, Ceylon et Cie, Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Christy Drew, Herrman and Herrman, William Noble Rare Jewels, the Goss-Michael Foundation, Wendy Krispin Caterers, Danco, Premier Transportation, The Park Dallas, Susan Posnick Cosmetics and D Magazine!

Design on the Line

Great design can no longer be an afterthought in your business planning. It must be sharp, focused, inspired and front and center. Customers expect it, and it's good for business. We know it's hard to keep up, but at The Old State that's what we specialize in. We keep you up-to-date so you don't have to think about it. Your job is to be great at your specific business. Our job is to make sure your best foot is forward online 24/7 for that business. We love it, so therefore we're effective at it. The clients we have can hire anyone, and they hire us because they know we strive to keep it fresh and effective. There may be no other more creative Artistic Director that our own Curtis Hale, and that's a fact. Our clients love his ability to merge great design with superior functionality to get what they want for their brands. So whoever you use, make sure the end-result is that your design shines!

Texas "Tech"

To think it was only 4 years ago that we banded together who we thought were the best of the best to form The Old State House of Design & Development. And we're all still here and loving it! And now we have some of the most respected clients in Texas as the result. And speaking of respected, the new NorthPark Center site launches soon, and oh what a marvel it will be. We've worked tirelessly on it, and it's an inspired result. Some of the coolest design and functionality you've ever seen are showcased on this new site when it launches. And who in Texas has not passed through the fabled corridors of NorthPark Center? That's right, everyone with a pulse loves NorthPark. And there's a reason why they do, and it's because NorthPark doesn't just keep up, it keeps surpassing the competition at every level. Brilliant design, a wonderful shopping mix, top-notch management, clean and crisp at all times! And guess what? The new web site will be similarly a show stopper. So thank you NorthPark Center for giving us the opportunity and for being so wonderful to work with this year!