A quick guide to crushing your business goals with marketing automation.

YYou’ve probably heard the term “marketing automation” by now, but are you still left scratching your head trying to figure out what it means to you? By definition, Marketing automation refers to a collection of software marketing tools with the goal of automating simple, repetitive marketing tasks such as sending emails, generating leads and managing social media campaigns. So, how does this work on an implementation level? It’s not as easy as buying just any tool out there, you’ve got to figure out what marketing automation techniques you’re trying to achieve and what part of the “marketing funnel” your focus is on.

Hubspot as a Marketing Automation Option

While there are a variety of tools out on the market that can help you accomplish your automation tasks, few provide the user-friendly services HubSpot offers right out of the box. Another benefit of working with HubSpot is that they partner with agencies to help ensure your business is set up for success right from the start. The Old State is a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, meaning we’re ready to walk you through every step of the HubSpot process, from setting up your account to creating an inbound strategy perfect for you. We want to make sure you get the most out of HubSpot by leveraging social media and marketing automation techniques that yield results.

It Starts With a Solid Inbound Strategy

Keep in mind that software is only one part of the marketing automation mix. You’ll need to continuously focus your efforts on strategic planning to ensure your campaigns are running on all cylinders. Below are just a few pointers and marketing automation techniques to follow:

  • Ensure your marketing team and sales teams are working together by creating digital marketing strategies that align with business goals.

  • Don’t create content just to get something out there, ensure that you’re nurturing prospects with highly targeted, useful content.

  • Focus on generating quality inbound marketing strategies and leads, this means throwing quantity out the window in exchange for a more fruitful prospect.

  • Be prepared to develop long-term relationships with your clients, resulting in fruitful interactions and maybe even returning business!

Marketing automation is just the tip of the iceberg, our HubSpot Partner Agency can help your business develop and execute a robust marketing strategy with results. If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact us to set-up a consultation with one of our marketing specialists!

Parker Peterson Art Director