At The Old State, we see a lot of top Dallas interior designers as many of our clients are some of the best anywhere. We also see the work of some of the best Dallas showrooms in the Design District. And Dallas is full of wow factor when it comes to inspired design. In fact, some of them are considered in the top nationally. So today we wanted to mention some notables....some clients...some not. And in no particular order.

One designer who is consistently listed in the very top tier is Emily Summers. She's not a client, but she's one whose work we think is simply incredible. Google "Emily Summers Palm Springs House" and prepare to be stunned. Or take a tour through her projects on her own website. She was just included in the prestigious AD 100 list of top interior designers worldwide. And she deserves it. All at once contemporary and classic, her work falls into the category where simply everyone loves exceptions. Clean lines, beautiful finishes, the finest craftsmanship and materials. She proves again and again that fine interior design mixed with elegance and quality will never go out of style.

The work of Jan Showers is...well....unbelievable. Her work is now legendary for elegant restraint and her timeless sensibility. But make no mistake, in the process she always delivers a knock out punch of great taste. Her clients are some of the most loyal anywhere, and her showroom on Slocum Street in the Design District is a wall-to-wall testament of just how far-reaching her design talent really reaches. Every inch of the space is simply stunning.

At TOS, there is no other word for it. We love Laura Lee Clark on Dragon Street. She owns both "The Shop" and Laura Lee Clark Interior Design. Known for her brilliant use of materials, inspired mix of design elements and responsible business practices, Laura has now become the go-to interior designer for some of the best design projects anywhere. And ask anyone in the know and they'll tell you.....Laura Lee Clark always delivers. As entertaining to be around as she is talented, she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to excellent taste.....and it shows! She brings elegant interiors, timeless design, fresh ideas and comfort all together in the most remarkable and seamless way. Amazing!

Now, there's a designer who's a bit mysterious, and one who we think is simply brilliant. And that's Barry Williams. He does some of the most beautiful interiors the world over. And we're dead serious. The quality and look of his work appears to be of another era, and yet infinitely current as well. How does he do that? We don't know, but Barry is a talented designer extraordinaire!

Laura Hunt is currently at the top of her game. But wait a minute, she was also at the top of her game 10 years ago too. This designer is steady as steel. Her work is always revered. Located in Highland Park Village, she is often listed in the AD 100 list of best designers in the world. She is also a lot of fun to be around. And her clients enjoy the fact that she makes the process of design such a pleasurable experience. We're huge fans of both Laura Hunt as a person, and Laura Hunt as an exceptional interior design talent.

Have you ever set foot in a space and you can't quite reconcile that it's real? Well, you were probably standing in the entrance to Allan Knight Associates. We think it's one of the most beautiful spaces anywhere. Beautiful objects and furniture from around the world, and some just made by hand that one didn't know that quality was still made! We could spend hours and hours in there and still be mad that we had to go back to work. Really special, super fine quality, the best of the best. And we're pinching ourselves still that they're our client. And we're honored!

We'd like to finish out this post with honorable mention to Michelle Nussbaumer of Ceylon et Cie. She's always in the interior design magazines like Veranda. And she deserves it. She has her own unique signature style and it's comfortable, eye-catching, and spectacular. And there might be four million different cool things on display at her Ceylon et Cie showroom on Dragon Street, all carefully culled from Michelle's travels around the world. A knockout punch!

In closing, we will never tire of great design at The Old State....whether it be of the web/tech variety, packaging, products or fine interior design. And we're honored to have worked with some of the designers mentioned above so closely. And we're inspired by not only their boundless creativity, but also their fearless approach.

Best regards,

The Old State House of Web Design & Development