We take pride in all of our work, but few sites have garnered more responses and accolades than www.JanShowers.com. The site is elegant, classic and timeless. And frankly, it's largely because of Jan Shower's design work! I mean, LOOK at the pictures below! Fast forward 50 years from now and these rooms are still going to be classic and magnificent. It is for this reason that many look up to her as the barometer of good taste and fine design.

Designed by our own brilliant designer Gabe Macias, www.JanShowers.com is not only beautiful to look at, it's also a dream to navigate. As they say, sometimes more is not more....less is more. However, the site finds the perfect balance for providing just the right amount of information, just the right amount of visual pleasure, just the right amount of inspiration so that one captures the essence of Jan Shower's illustrious design sensibility. Congratulations Gabe, you did a wonderful job capturing how special her brand is....which now has an international reach. I mean, Michael Kors singled her out for her work, and everyone loves and trusts Michael Kors when it comes to quality design!

If you've been to Jan Shower's showroom on Slocum Street in Dallas, you know what I'm about to talk about. Wow, it is a stunning testament as to what's possible when one merges endless talent with a wonderfully creative imagination. And let me tell you, Jan Showers sets that bar very high indeed. As the result, the rooms in this showroom are all temples to both gorgeous design and livable comfort. You can actually SEE yourself living with it. Albeit living well! And one thing very interesting about Jan's work is that no matter what your design preferences, her design somehow appeals across all tastes. And believe me, this is a rare feat for a chosen few.

So in conclusion, in a world where there are infinite design possibilities, Jan Shower's imagination has delved into some of the most prestigious design commissions anywhere. Enter Famous Interior Designers on Google and see who comes up at or near the top of the list! That's right, it's Jan Showers. And guess what? They don't hand out reputations as stellar as Jan's. She and her amazing staff earned it one beautiful design project at a time. And it is for this reason that she enjoys an enviable client list who sing her praises with enthusiasm.

Congratulations Jan! We love you here at The Old State House of Web Design & Development. Your reputation for loveliness as a human being is on par with your remarkable success as a design leader of your generation....or any generation.