The Top 3 Trends To Watch For in 2022

2021 has come and gone, and 2022 is here at last! The new year has brought more than just new year's resolutions. New web design trends are emerging, and we’re excited to share them with you!

Design trends can shape everything from how designers create websites, to user interface (UI)  design, and more. Trends can also rush in but fade out quickly, making it important to pay attention to what trends are here to stay. You don’t want to end up with a design that is already out of style when your website launches. 

Beyond a trendy site design; we want to help you find a trend with staying power. As your experts in web design in Dallas, we take pride in keeping up with the pulse of the industry.

The Top Web Design Trends We Expect to See in 2022

What web design trends will dominate 2022? What are the styles and techniques you should get familiar with so that your new website looks fresh and modern when it launches? Let’s dive into some of the top web design trends for the year. 

Fun, Optimistic Designs

If you've had enough doom and gloom for your lifetime, you're not alone. It's time for some positive vibes! After such a tumultuous 2020 and 2021, people are looking to inject a little extra happiness into the world. We can design a website for you that does just that! 

Funky shapes, lighter typefaces, interesting fonts, color that exudes positive emotions, and even faces can make for a lot of fun. Nothing says optimism like a smiling face! Designers are using this web design trend with fun, optimistic designs for everything from mental health and telehealth websites, to SaaS company websites, and even e-commerce.

Black and White Color Schemes

If cheery colors aren't on brand for you, the second big design trend is on the opposite end of the color spectrum. Black and white color schemes are one of the biggest design trends of the year. Without color, the design and the words are the main focus of the page. The results can be absolutely stunning!

The key to making a black and white color scheme look fresh and modern is in applying just the right visual effects and artistic techniques. Each individual line matters. The font style and size of your letters should be a serious focus. It's exciting to watch creativity come out to play when colors can't be used!

Single-Page Websites

Time and time again, we are seeing this trend show up on lists of what to expect for 2022. Since 2018, one-page websites have been among the hottest UX trends. Data shows it increases conversion rates by as much as 37%!

Why is this? For one, users are less likely to abandon a single-page site because there is no confusion in where they should click to go next. Single-page design is perfect for websites that cater to mobile customers. Customers using a smartphone or tablet are more prone to enjoy a linear navigation flow, as it allows them to proceed seamlessly from topic to topic without needing to do anything but scroll.

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