You can trust The Old State to not only know the most essential web design trends right now but also be able to implement them for you!

When you think of web design, you may imagine it's just making your website look pretty — but It’s much more than this! If a website looks like it was made 20 years ago, most people will be very hesitant to share their credit card information and make a purchase. You need your site to be good-looking in order for it to be trustworthy to consumers. What's more, it needs to be fully functional as well. If it looks fabulous but doesn't actually work, that isn't going to suffice either. You need a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional as well. This is exactly what The Old State can do for you!

How do we do it? By keeping up with the top trends in web design. A few of our current favorites include:

#1 Minimalism. They say less is more, and this idea is booming in the web industry right now. For web designers, taking a minimalist approach involves using only essential elements. This means simple text and typefaces, plenty of open space, monochrome or duo-chrome color palettes, and simple graphics. If this meshes well with your brand, it's a fantastic way to look fresh and current. 

#2 Quizzes and other interactive features. You want to capture as much information as possible about your website visitors so you can turn them into leads. In years past, a simple landing page with a form was enough. Now, the public expects more. Instead of assuming they'll give you the information you want, why not make it fun for them by turning a boring landing page into a quiz? As a quick example, a bakery could make a quiz titled "What's your ideal birthday party style?" or "Create your dream cake." These custom-tailored questionnaires and unique landing pages are here to stay.

#3 Dark mode. Time after time, researchers tell us that staring at bright screens and squinting for hours on end is terrible for our eyes. Beyond just saving everyone's eyes, a darker screen also improves battery usage- something your mobile users are sure to appreciate. That's why switching to dark mode is gaining momentum. Basically, dark mode inverts the usual light/dark scheme we have come to expect. Instead of dark text and images on a light background, dark mode features light text and images on a dark background. In reality, it's a bit more complicated than that though. You want your website to pop. With dark mode, individual designs and elements really stand out.

This list is only the beginning. If you need a new website, we can go over these ideas, plus many more, as we brainstorm what web design will work best with your brand. You've been thinking about it long enough. Make today the day you finally request a proposal so we can work together to make your web presence something truly special.