Yes, PaperCity Magazine is everyone's favorite guilty pleasure. Only don't feel guilty, because PaperCity is amazing!! And yes, everyone becomes excited and gets a rush when a new issue appears on stands as they enter Starbuck's at the West Village, the Galleria, a Whole Foods, or anywhere for that matter. It's a pictorial, editorial, fashion, design, home, product, shopping, jewelry, what's-going-on juggernaut. But will someone please tell me how they make their editorial and art layout look as delicious as candy?

Yes, PaperCity is one of our favorite escapes. And if they keep it up it's gonna displace Fiji, Central Park or Lake Como as the only other contenders currently competing for top billing. Is it embarrassing that I keep old issues like I do Architectural Digest and National Geographic? Oh well, I don't care. And at The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we're delighted PaperCity chose us to be their partner for We're thoroughly enjoying it. And get ready, because together we'll soon launch a version 2. Yes, it gets even better. And yes, it's going to be a doozie!

OK, let's get one other thing out of the way. If you want anything done where others fear to tread, call Jim Kastleman or Holly Moore. There are not enough good adjectives to describe Publisher Jim and Editor in Chief Holly. Their accomplishments together? Huge. Their impact on their advertisers' businesses through sales? Huge-er, more-better-gooder. Take one look through the pages of any issue and you'll see it's the best and brightest of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, nationally. And why do all these brand advertisers choose to advertise in PaperCity? Well, that would be because it WORKS! And in this world, good things come to those who DON'T wait.

Sorry, but I'm not finished on the subject of Jim Kastleman or Holly Moore yet. First of all, I could say that Jim is singularly the most entertaining and effective person in Dallas, but that would be a lie because he also fills those shoes in Houston as well, where he lives. And to meet Holly Moore once you somehow feel her inspired voice of calm, her amazing eye for design, her keen sense of what's interesting, what's brand new, what's so creative that you can't even believe humans could take it to that level. How does she do that?! And then she brings it to you every month visually, in all its glory, like a great painting that captures the essence of anything wonderful, in the beautiful issues of the magazine. Frankly, you feel PaperCity through her entire being.

So by now you know that the cosmos have come together so beautifully through this very special magazine. Couple all the magic pills they've brewed together and you have the phenomenon that is PaperCity Magazine. It is high art, it is the best city magazine of any city, it is one of the most effective advertising tools in Dallas, Houston and beyond. Trust me, anyone who is or could or should be a customer for your business is reading this magazine. People (and customers!) respond to a passionate product, and passion shines through on every page. Congratulations guys. But one word of warning very important to your health. NEVER try to remove another's PaperCity if by chance they briefly walk away from their Starbuck's table. Because they will get you, and it will not be pretty. Nice people can do bad things when their PaperCity has been pilfered.

In closing, let me also sing the praises of the rest of the brilliant creative team at PaperCity, because this magazine is clearly a family affair. And we love working with all of them and have no intention to leave a single one out of our accolades, because they deserve it. Dallas Editor Rob Brinkley's writing style is now legendary, his one liners and eye for superior anything a must read. Brooke Hortenstine is a creative force extraordinaire and can turn any event EVENT! Margaret Stafford is a sales and publishing juggernaut and the most fun person at a party you'll ever meet. When in need of entertainment or to get cheered up, stand next to any one of them. And don't even get me started on how much we love Laurann Claridge, Kate Allen Stukenbert, Catherine Anspon, Jenny Antill, Christina Geyer, Sharon Taylor, Phyllis Cole, Richard Graziano, Monica Bickers, Lauren Mang, Alfredo Figueroa and everyone else on the PaperCity team.

And as the final word on the subject, thank you PaperCity for choosing us to be your web partner for You inspire us to be bigger, better, faster!
(But seriously, how do they make those pages look like candy?!)