Let's get one thing out of the way first. Jan Kennedy of Clotheshorse Anonymous at 11661 Preston Road in Dallas is endlessly entertaining and hilarious. We love her here at The Old State. Be on the phone with Jan for 2 minutes and be prepared to suddenly be in a good mood no matter what mood you were in 2 minutes earlier. But she also has another thing up her sleeve....she is the co-Founder of the awesome phenomenon that is ClothesHorse Anonymous! And this business she started 35 years ago with Nancy Ungerman is on the short list of must-stops for those in the know in fashion. Be careful, walk through those doors once and you're hooked.  But don't worry, you will not be the first or the last to experience consignment fashion love at first sight here.

With over 22,000 consignees, clothes-conscious, money-smart women are proud to be a part of this economically savvy, ecologically friendly fashion experience. Virtually always at the top of "Best" lists, this brainchild launched by two housewives is now a multi-million-dollar juggernaut. After the retirement of Nancy Ungerman in 2002, Jan Kennedy continues the traditions that made their 29 year partnership famous.

But make no mistake, what started in Dallas has now become known worldwide. The challenge at Clotheshorse Anonymous is to try to find consignment fashion clothing that you DON'T want. The selection is awesome, the staff is infinitely helpful, and the prices are such that you get to treat yourself to far more fabulous finds that you would via traditional retail. I'd challenge you to try to find someone who doesn't love Clotheshorse Anonymous, but let me just save you the trouble because there aren't any. This place is fantastic! And we're delighted to be building your new website here at The Old State. Thank you Jan and everyone there at Clotheshorse Anonymous!

Clotheshorse Anonymous is located at 11661 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75230. The phone number is 972-233-7005 and their hours are 10 to 8 Monday through Friday, 10 to 6 Saturday and 12 to 6 Sunday. You may also visit them at www.ClotheshorseAnonymous.com or by contacting info@chadallas.com.