OK, the last time we saw so many beautiful sparklers in one place, it was the 4th of July! I mean, there are fine jewelers, and then there is William Noble Rare Jewels in Highland Park Village. Wow! In a league of their own, the William Noble Rare Jewels showroom has played host to the brightest of the brightest of Dallas, and the world. And we're talking about both people AND fine jewels. If diamonds are a girl's best friend....then judging by the array of happy female faces that have passed through these walls, the owner Bill Noble is arguably every man's best friend!

Located at 100 Highland Park Village, Suite 370, Dallas, Texas 75205 at the corner of Mockingbird and Preston Road, the by-appointment space is truly special. At The Old State, we are thrilled to be building their brand new website....to be launched in 2011. In the process, we've discovered firsthand that Bill Noble is one of the finest gentlemen you will ever meet. There's a reason why he has so many client/friends. Or rather, there are MANY reasons. His exquisite taste and eye for quality and superior pieces are legendary. We also love the ever-accomodating Laura McClung in sales. She's a delight, and can find anything magnificent that this world has created. Prepare yourself, because she'll fast become one of your own personal favorites too. The atmosphere there is warm and inviting, and to see the stunning jewelry is a thrill.

To contact William Noble Rare Jewels for an appointment, call 214-526-3890 or sales@williamnoble.com. Their current website is www.WilliamNoble.com. And get ready, their new site coming soon will be a showstopper. And speaking of showstoppers, prepare yourself to see some of the finest jewelry, precious stones and magnificent design that you'll ever lay eyes on there. How Bill Noble always seems to find the best of the best, we do not know. But we like it!

Congratulations to all of the lovely and accommodating staff at William Noble Rare Jewels in legendary Highland Park Village!!