At The Old State, we will always be excited about history, great design, and unusual objects which transcend time. Our strengths are technology and design and building your business online, and we receive profound inspiration from historical references. Art, culture, history....a cumulative knowledge of all of these aspects of life take center stage in much of our work. Mixing this with state of the art technology and functionality help to reach an inspired end result second to none.

So all this being said, let's take a walk through some of our favorite things which will always be inspired, timeless, and magnificent. van Gogh's Irises is certainly on the short list. We love the single white Iris among a sea of purplish-blue ones. Did he mean that we all must remember to stand out from the crowd like he did? We think so.

And how about a Faberge egg? Wow, a concentrated powerhouse of the brilliant powers of the human imagination. These are tiny objects which deliver a powerful historical punch, and always will. And of course the timeless and simplistic beauty of Farnsworth House from 1951 will be a marvel for the long haul as well. More is not always more, this great architecture proves that less can definitely be more!

Another artist who delivered amazing and timeless imagery is the sculptor Henry Moore. Virtually all of his work is as remarkable and timely to look at today as it was during his lifetime. And probably will be as fresh 500 years from now as well. And what about Stickley furniture? Simple, elegant, stunning! And speaking of not-so-simple but equally elegant and stunning?

Yes, you probably guessed it, we could never leave out of the list the ever-popular Tiffany Lamp. There's a reason why these are so collectible, and that reason lies in their incredible detail. Each lamp somehow takes on a life of its own, and yet each one is distinctly and immediately recognizable as Tiffany. Now that's great branding!

So in a world where the sky is still the limit for creativity, we promise to bring all of our wonderful clients an end result which celebrates what has worked so well from the past, coupled with what we know to be powerful new knowledge for your business future! Now that's what we call a win-win.