The Old State team visited the Austin Game Developers Conference this past week. We are about to launch the BETA version of a site 8 months in the making. One of our favorite clients let us drop in on them for a couple of days as they debuted their new system.

We love video games at The Old State! For me its Halo 3. Chris loves Oblivion. Curtis loves Call of Duty 4, wait so do I, can I change mine? Anyway, like I said, we like games. So, when we had a chance to work on a site all about video games we jumped at the opportunity. Fast forward 8 months, 40 meetings, 900 cups of coffee, and a new baby for me, and we are just about ready to launch. We will be launching the public version here in the next few weeks or so, so check back for updates.

We had a lot of fun in Austin, thanks guys for a great time!