I love live music! And I love to support local bands. A couple of weeks ago I went to a little show down in Deep Ellum that the Dallas Observer puts on every week at a place called SPACE. The show is called DC9 in SPACE and it features a different local artist or band every Wednesday night. They play a few songs, answer some questions and the whole thing is filmed in HD and featured on the Observer's blog.

The show I had the pleasure of seeing was The Beaten Sea...just a couple of guys with a banjo and a guitar playing some wonderfully written tunes. You can read the blog here.

A couple of other notables that have been featured on the DC9 blog are The Fox & The Bird and Smile Smile, featuring The Old State's very own Jencey Hirunrusme! We are ever so proud of her!!!

So, if you find yourself with nothing to do on a Wednesday night, head down to Deep Ellum and SPACE Studio to support some great local talent!