We’re all about showcasing our clients, and showing the caliber of work that can be done when both client and agency share vision for growth. Our partnership with Allan Knight & Associates has been remarkably collaborative, and that collaboration is a strong contributing factor to the success we’ve seen together over the duration of our relationship.

For background, Allan Knight & Associates is a high-end luxury home furnishings brand with a beautiful Dallas showroom. The firm is co-owned by Allan M. Knight, who also serves as president, and by Ben Goldfarb who also serves as CEO. The Allan Knight collection is as remarkable as it is eclectic, and their pieces have been featured in countless publications over the last decade.

When the Allan Knight team came to us, they made their needs very clear. Their collection and client base were both growing quickly, and they needed an online presence to showcase their pieces. They sought to corner a broader audience, and wanted a more refined web experience that was creatively representative of their brand. They decided that our team at The Old State was the team for the job, and we went right to work. In total, we provided a seamless website, a mobile site that represented the desktop site very well, an e-commerce interface that could move product effectively, and a wholesale client backend platform to further expand the Allan Knight footprint.

What is truly unique about our partnership with the Allan Knight team is the level of creativity they bring to the table. Most clients look to us to take their brand and run with it, but we had the unique pleasure of working with a client with tremendous creative chops who was looking for an agency who could walk in lockstep with them in regards to brand growth. The creative vision of their team and the talent of our team at TOS have combined to create some truly remarkable results. Their company tagline is Live Beautifully, and we believe that essence has been well captured in our work together.

For the past five years we’ve been collaborating with Allan Knight & Associates purposefully making large site updates every two years, while constantly engaging in small iterations in between. The updates have been especially apparent in the mobile experience. We’ve conveniently been able to upgrade the mobile interface as their audience has become progressively more mobile.

There were some unique challenges our teams faced together. The beauty of the pieces that Allan Knight creates is in the details. The handcrafted nature of their furnishings demands the highest quality presentation, which means leveraging the highest quality product photography at our disposal. With photography that truly captured the heirloom quality of their products, we had to work meticulously to ensure that the minute details of the web experience received the same care that their showroom pieces do. The result is a beautiful website, mobile experience, and ecommerce interface that means business.

At The Old State, we constantly talk about our focus on clients. To that end, we’d be lying if we said the website and its iterations were the part of this partnership that we’re most proud of. Truthfully, the part of the Allan Knight & Associates project that brings us the most pride is the relationship we’ve formed and solidified with their wonderful team. We’ve found time and again that great work comes easy when all parties are marching in the same direction thoughtfully and creatively.

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